AES - The Early Years (1997-98)

Last Modified: January 26, 2001

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Beginning the Process

(January 1997)

AES Workshop to Discuss Draft Criteria and Submission Requirements

(April 15, 1997)
  • April 15, 1997 AES Workshop: Slides presented by NIST regarding the received public comments and NIST's proposed responses, along with an initial proposed draft of the AES development process.
    [Slides] [Handouts]
  • Comments from Bruce Schneier of Counterpane Systems, regarding the AES Workshop (4/15/97) discussion.

Call for AES Candidate Algorithms

(published in the Federal Register, on 12 September 1997)
  • Call for AES Candidate Algorithms: A request for candidate algorithm nominations for the AES was published in the Federal Register on Friday, September 12, 1997.

  • Intellectual Property Agreements:

    May 7, 1998 - Clarification of required intellectual property agreements in section 2.D of the call for candidate algorithms.

  • Copyright Release Form:

    May 6, 1998 - A copyright release form was provided for submitters.

  • Submission Checklist:

    March 19, 1998 - A draft AES Submission Package Checklist was made available for submitters - a checklist that was used by NIST to review submission packages for completeness.

    (Checklist updated 4/21/98 to relfect new Java and C APIs (see tables for sections 2.C.1 and 2.C.2), and to reflect possibility of including KAT and MCT values for other BLOCK sizes, if applicable (see tables for section 2.B.1).

  • Export Licensing for AES Analysis:

    February 6, 1998 - Information on export licensing for the evaluation and analysis of AES Candidate Algorithm Analysis Packages.

  • API Specifications

    January 16, 1998 (modified April 15, 1998) - API specifications for ANSI C and JavaTM implementations that were required in submission packages. ANSI C API finalized on 4/15/98.

    (April 13, 1998) The NIST-KIT for the Java implementation was made available from Cryptix. (link changed on 9/21/98). This is also available at,, and

    Note that for the June 15, 1998 FINAL DEADLINE, submissions were required to conform to the FINAL Java and ANSI C API specifications.

  • KAT and MCT Requirements

    January 7, 1998 (modified February 17, 1998) - Information regarding the Known Answer Test and Monte Carlo Test values that were submitted with each candidate algorithm was made available.

  • AES-related presentations: The following are some presentations about the AES given by NIST personnel.

Technical contact: Morris Dworkin
Administrative/process questions: Elaine Barker, Bill Burr