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AES Algorithm (Rijndael) Information

Information on the AES algorithm (Rijndael) is available, including test values, intellectual property (IP) statements, and specifications.

Please note that these pages are included for historical reference only. As these pages refer to a development effort, they may contain errors. Refer to FIPS 197 for the actual specification of AES.

Rijndael Code

Some other implementations of Rijndael are also available.

  • Rijndael Home Page
  • Brian Gladman's implementation of Rijndael in C++ and C; now also includes code and test vectors for Rijndael with 24- and 32-byte block sizes (non-AES sizes).
  • Java servlet from Cass Crockatt.

Related Information

There was a panel related to the AES, "AES and Beyond", at the 23rd National Information Systems Security Conference (NISSC):