AES Round 1 Information

Last Modified: January 26, 2001

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AES Round 1 Candidate Algorithms

Algorithm Name Submitter Name(s)
CAST-256 Entrust Technologies, Inc. (represented by Carlisle Adams)
CRYPTON Future Systems, Inc. (represented by Chae Hoon Lim)
DEAL Richard Outerbridge, Lars Knudsen
DFC CNRS - Centre National pour la Recherche Scientifique - Ecole Normale Superieure (represented by Serge Vaudenay)
E2 NTT - Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (represented by Masayuki Kanda)
FROG TecApro Internacional S.A. (represented by Dianelos Georgoudis)
HPC Rich Schroeppel
LOKI97 Lawrie Brown, Josef Pieprzyk, Jennifer Seberry
MAGENTA Deutsche Telekom AG (represented by Dr. Klaus Huber)
MARS IBM (represented by Nevenko Zunic)
RC6TM RSA Laboratories (represented by Burt Kaliski)
RIJNDAEL Joan Daemen, Vincent Rijmen
SAFER+ Cylink Corporation (represented by Charles Williams)
SERPENT Ross Anderson, Eli Biham, Lars Knudsen
TWOFISH Bruce Schneier, John Kelsey, Doug Whiting, David Wagner, Chris Hall, Niels Ferguson

First AES Candidate Conference (AES1)

The First AES Candidate Conference (AES1) was held in Ventura, California on August 20-22, 1998 to announce the fifteen Round 1 AES candidates.

Announcement of Round 1: Call for Comments

A notice to officially begin Round 1 and solicit comments on the Round 1 AES candidates was posted in the Federal Register on September 14, 1998. It included information on 1) how to submit public comments, and 2) some suggested topics to be addressed by those comments, and 3) the Second AES Candidate Conference.

All of the public comments received by NIST are available.

Second AES Candidate Conference (AES2)

The Second AES Candidate Conference (AES2) was held in Rome, Italy on March 22-23, 1999 to present analysis of the Round 1 candidate algorithms, and discuss important issues relevant to the AES development effort.

Results of NIST's Round 1 Testing

Although NIST relied primarily on public analysis and comments to make its selection of the Round 2 finalists, it did perform some testing of its own during Round 1, using the code that was originally provided by the submitters.

Additional Round 1 Information

  • CD-ROMs: At the beginning of Round 1, NIST began distributing CD-ROMs containing AES-related information to interested parties. There were two versions of the CD-ROMs: 1) AES CD-1, containing documentation, intellectual property information, and test values; and 2) AES CD-2, containing all of the information on CD-1, plus all algorithm code provided by the AES candidate submitters.

    A list of errata for both CD-1 and CD-2 is available. Also, links are provided (in the table above) to submitters' web pages, which may list any additional errata within the algorithm documentation itself.

  • Algorithm Modifications: NIST issued a note during Round 1 that addressed the issue of revisions to candidate algorithms.

  • AES-related web sites: Listed below are links to various public analysis efforts. Some may still contain information from Round 1.

  • Non-selected Algorithm Submissions: A list of submitted algorithms which were NOT acceptable as "complete and proper" submissions is available.

Technical contact: Morris Dworkin
Administrative/process questions: Elaine Barker, Bill Burr