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The Third Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
Candidate Conference

Final Agenda


Day 1 - Thursday, April 13, 2000


- Registration, material distribution
- Coffee


Introduction - Welcome and Overview

   [Presentation (Ed Roback and Jim Foti)]


Session 1: "FPGA Evaluations"

An FPGA Implementation and Performance Evaluation of the AES Block Cipher Candidate Algorithm Finalists
     A.J. Elbirt, W. Yip, B. Chetwynd, C. Paar
    [Presentation (Adam Elbirt)]

A Comparison of the AES Candidates Amenability to FPGA Implementation
     Nicholas Weaver, John Wawrzynek
    [Presentation (Nick Weaver)]

Comparison of the hardware performance of the AES candidates using reconfigurable hardware
     Kris Gaj, Pawel Chodowiec
    [Presentation (Kris Gaj); on-line slides]



Coffee Break


Session 2: "Platform-Specific Evaluations"

AES Finalists on PA-RISC and IA-64: Implementations & Performance
     John Worley, Bill Worley, Tom Christian, Christopher Worley
    [Presentation (John Worley)]

A comparison of AES candidates on the Alpha 21264
     Richard Weiss, Nathan Binkert
    [Presentation (Richard Weiss)]

Performance Evaluation of AES Finalists on the High-End Smart Card
     Fumihiko Sano, Masanobu Koike, Shinichi Kawamura, Masue Shiba
    [Presentation (Fumihiko Sano)]

How Well Are High-End DSPs Suited for the AES Algorithms? AES Algorithms on the TMS320C6x DSP
     Thomas J. Wollinger, Min Wang, Jorge Guajardo, Christof Paar
    [Presentation (Thomas Wollinger)]

Fast Implementations of AES Candidates
     Kazumaro Aoki, Helger Lipmaa



Lunch (provided)


Session 3: "Surveys"

A Performance Comparison of the Five AES Finalists
     Bruce Schneier, Doug Whiting
    [Presentation (Doug Whiting)]

Efficiency Testing of ANSI C Implementations of Round 2 Candidate Algorithms for the Advanced Encryption Standard
     Lawrence E. Bassham III

NIST Performance Analysis of the Final Round JavaTM AES Candidates
     Jim Dray
Both of the NIST papers above were presented together.
    [Presentation (Larry Bassham)]

Performance of the AES Candidate Algorithms in Java
     Andreas Sterbenz, Peter Lipp



Coffee Break


Session 4: "Cryptographic Analysis and Properties (I)"

MARS Attacks! Preliminary Cryptanalysis of Reduced-Round MARS Variants
     John Kelsey, Bruce Schneier
    [Presentation (John Kelsey)]

Impossible Differential on 8-Round MARS' Core
     Eli Biham, Vladimir Furman

Preliminary Cryptanalysis of Reduced-Round Serpent
     Tadayoshi Kohno, John Kelsey, Bruce Schneier




- Cash bar and hors d'oeuvres



Recent Results ("Rump") Session


Day 2 - Friday, April 14, 2000


- Registration, material distribution
- Coffee


Session 5: "Cryptographic Analysis and Properties (II)"

Attacking Seven Rounds of Rijndael under 192-bit and 256-bit Keys
     Stefan Lucks

A collision attack on 7 rounds of Rijndael
     Henri Gilbert, Marine Minier

Relationships among Differential, Truncated Differential, Impossible Differential Cryptanalyses against Word-Oriented Block Ciphers like RIJNDAEL, E2
     Makoto Sugita, Kazukuni Kobara, Kazuhiro Uehara, Shuji Kubota, Hideki Imai
    [Presentation (Kazukuni Kobara)]



Coffee Break


Session 6: "AES Issues" Panel

AES and Future Resiliency: More Thoughts And Questions
     Don Johnson
    [Presentation (Don Johnson)]

The Effects of Multiple Algorithms in the Advanced Encryption Standard
     Ian Harvey
    [Presentation (Ian Harvey)]



Short Stretch Break (NO Coffee)


Session 7: "ASIC Evaluations / Individual Algorithm Testing"

Hardware Evaluation of the AES Finalists
     Tetsuya Ichikawa, Tomomi Kasuya, Mitsuru Matsui
    [Presentation (Tetsuya Ichikawa) - view with Acrobat 4.0]

Hardware Performance Simulations of Round 2 Advanced Encryption Standard Algorithms
     Bryan Weeks, Mark Bean, Tom Rozylowicz, Chris Ficke
    [Presentation (Bryan Weeks)]

High-Speed MARS Hardware
     Akashi Satoh, Nobuyuki Ooba, Kohji Takano, Edward D'Avignon
    [Presentation (Kohji Takano)]

Speeding up Serpent
     Dag Arne Osvik
    [Presentation (Dag Arne Osvik)]



Lunch (provided)


Session 8: "Algorithm Submitter Presentations" (with submitter Q&A)

- Fifteen-minute presentations by each of the finalist algorithm submitters. Written statements by the submitters were provided at the conference.

Two photos of the submitter panel, courtesy of Markus Dichtl: 1, 2
(From left to right: Ross Anderson, Ron Rivest, Vincent Rijmen, Bruce Schneier, and Shai Halevi)


Coffee Break


Session 8, continued: "Audience Q&A and Remaining Issues for the AES Development Effort"

- Continued discussion involving the audience and the finalist algorithm submitters.



Future Plans and Closing

   [Presentation (Ed Roback)]

-At the end of the conference, all attendees had the opportunity to fill out a NIST Conference Feedback Form. Here is a summary.



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