Round 2 Analysis

Last Modified: November 27, 2000

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This page contains information on some of the analysis from Round 2. It is not meant to be a comprehensive list.

AES-related Web Sites

Listed below are links to various public analysis efforts. Some may still contain information from Round 1.

NSA Hardware Analysis

NIST requested technical assistance from the National Security Agency (NSA) in performing a baseline hardware efficiency comparison of Round 2 finalists. Initial Plans for Estimating the Hardware Performance of AES Submissions describes the initial plans for that comparison.

At the AES3 conference, Bryan Weeks of NSA gave a presentation of their preliminary report which was included in the AES3 Proceedings.

On May 15, 2000, NSA provided NIST with a final report on their evaluation: Hardware Performance Simluations of Round 2 Advanced Encryption Standard Algorithms.

Also available are the VHDL models developed by NSA to evaluate the hardware performance of the AES finalists: VHDL models [450KB]; README file.

Specific questions regarding the above information should be directed to Elaine Barker .

Technical contact: Morris Dworkin
Administrative/process questions: Elaine Barker, Bill Burr