FPKI TWG Meeting 30 July 2003  

The Federal PKI Technical Working Group met at NIST North room 152, at 9:00 AM on 30 July 2003. 


  1. Introductions  
  2. Document registration
  3. Draft agenda review
  4. Liaison reports
    - Business Group 
    - Legal Group 
    - Steering Committee 
    - Directory Forum 
  5. Federal Identity Credentialing Committee
    - Judy Spencer - GSA - www.cio.gov/ficc/
  6. Single SignOn and Identity Management (twg-03-08)
    - Joe Donahue - Microsoft
  7. Security Framework for Development of Secure Network Applications (twg-03-07)
    - Sead Muftic, SETECS - www.setecs.com/
  8. Passface Technology (twg-03-09, twg-03-10, twg-03-22)
    - Paul Barett, Real User Corp www.realuser.com

  9. An Approach to Estimating the Strength of Passwords or fools rush in where angles fear to tread (twg-03-05)
    - Bill Burr, NIST
  10. IEEE P1363.2: Password-based Cryptography (twg-03-06)
    - David Jablon, Phoenix Technologies

  11. Next meeting's agenda items 
  12. Other business
  13. Adjourn 

Federal Register Notice: E-Authentication Policy for Federal Agencies; Request for Comments


Peter Alterman, NIH Mitchell Arnone, SchlumbergerSema
Hamid Bacha, Ph.D., CSC Paul Barrett, Real User Corp.
Debbie Blanchard, Digital Signature Trust Sharon Boeyen, Entrust
Robert Borochoff, US Courts Joe Braceland, State Dept.
Wendy Brown, DigitalNet Bill Burr, NIST
Shu-jen Chang, NIST Mike Chernick, NIST
David Cooper, NIST Joe Donahue, Microsoft
Kenya Dorsey, Hewlett Packard Yuriy Dzambasow, A&N Associates, Inc.
Steve Ebbets , RSA Security Steve Ebbets, RSA Security
Paul Evans, Booz Allen Hamilton William Flanigan, DoD
George Fortwengler, HHS Charles Frochlich, State Dept.
Srinivas Ganta, SRA Ed Harrington, EPH Associates LLC
Joan Hash, NIST Kevin Hawkins, Enspier
Jim Heimberg, Mine Safety and Health Adm. Peter Hesse, Gemini Security
Pete Hogan, ProTegus, LLC David Jablon, Phoenix Technologies
Rick Kuhn, NIST Steve Lazerowich, Datakey, Inc.
Chris Louden, Enspier Robert Malick, NIH,
Julie Smith McEwen, MITRE Carolyn V. Merek, High Performance Technologies, Inc.
Brett Michaels , RSA Security John Michie, Keana Federal Systems
Eric C. Miller, U.S. Department of Justice Gary Moore, Entrust
Kathleen M. Moriarty, MIT Lincoln Lab. Sead Muftic, SETECS
Justin B. Newman, Digital Signature Trust Co Richard Ni, AT&T Government Solutions
Rebecca Nielsen, Booz Allen Hamilton Jane Ohlmacher, SSA
Brant G. Petrick, FICC Erik Pfeifer, PEC Solutions, Inc.
Tim Polk, NIST Monette Respress, Mitretek
Ravi Sandhu, NSD Security Tom Santucci, FDA
Mark Silverman, NIH Landgrave T. Smith, Jr., IDA
Judith Spencer, GSA Michael F. Stern, Mitretek
Martin Tevelow, Caradas, Inc. James Tripoli, BAH
Siegfried Young, High Performance Technologies, Inc. Fred Zeile, Anteon Corp

Nummbered TWG documents listed above can be found at http://csrc.nist.gov/pki/twg/y2003/doc_reg_03.htm.

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