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Welcome to the Computer Security

Proposals must have been received by 4:00pm EDT June 15, 2001 to be eligible for FY 01 and FY02 funding. When a new competition is announced, we will provide additional information and guidance about that competition.

Research Topics: The following topics were of interest for the FY2001/2 competition.

  • network system interactions and vulnerabilities to cascading effects;
  • robustness, resilience, and behavior of tightly coupled, complex, nonlinear systems;
  • design of "testbeds" and other means for experimentally validating network security technologies;
  • fundamental principles, scientific basis, methodologies, and metrics for information assurance as an engineering discipline;
  • information assurance for emerging information technologies;
  • concepts for high-confidence systems and software;
  • increasing resistance to penetration;
  • next-generation intrusion and malicious code detection;
  • user interfaces such as visualization of system security information;
  • self-healing systems;
  • security and forensics toolkits and
  • system architecture to ensure survivability, graceful degradation under stress, and ease of reconstitution.

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