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How to submit a Security Practice

This site posts information technology security practices implemented effectively within an organization. Please share your practices by including them as an attachment to an E-mail message. The E-mail function can be obtained by using the "Submit Practices" link below. Submissions must contain a title of the practice and indicate a source such as an official organization web site or they can be accompanied by a management official's approval. Submissions will not be accepted from individuals only. Submitters may request that NIST sanitize the submission to mask the source of the material. NIST will review submissions for consistency with generally accepted security practices prior to posting. Submissions must include a point of contact. NIST reserves the right to accept, post and remove submissions at its discretion. Material submitted would be posted to the CRSC (not linked to outside sites), which is publicly available. By submitting material, the submitter agrees that NIST may publicly disseminate such material, regardless of copyright. Submitters agree to inform NIST if the status of the submission changes (updated, discontinued, etc.). The practice can be formatted in Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, PDF, or any commonly used format. If we can not open the file, we will notify you via E-mail. All submissions will be reviewed by NIST for editorial content before being posted to the site.

Submit Security Practice