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ispab presentations: December 2008 meeting

(All presentations in .pdf format unless otherwise specified.)

Federal Register Notice Announcing Meeting




Wednesday, December 3, 2008

OMB Update
Mike Howell, OMB

NRC CSTB Report Briefing
Herb Lin, NRC CSTB


Thursday, December 4, 2008

ISC2 Software Credentialing
Lynn McNulty, Board Member
Howard Schmidt, Board Member

Metrics & FISMA 08 Board Discussion with GAO
Gregory Wilshusen, GAO

SCADA Security
Sean McGurk, Director of Control Systems Security Program, DHS
Lynn McNulty, Board Member

Threat Analysis, IC to Civilian
Matt Stern, GenDynamics Program Manager to USCERT


Friday, December 5, 2008

Panel – Cloud Computing – Basics (Howard Schmidt)
Industry Trends
Bill Whyman, International Strategy & Investment
Government Adoption Case studies
Mike Wojcik, Manager Risk Compliance Practice, Acumen Solutions
Security Challenges
John Pescatore, Gartner Fellow
Government CIO
Robert Carey, CIO, Department of the Navy

Panel – Cloud Computing – Security Strengths and Challenges (Rebecca Leng)
Why Governments Invest in
John DeVoe, Regional Manager, Public Sector,
Google Apps Security Strengths
Eran Feigenbaum, Director, Enterprise Apps Security, Google
Amazon Web Services (Powerpoint Slide Show - .pps)
Stephen Schmidt, General Manager, Dedicated Utility Computing, Amazon
Security Strengths and Challenges: Microsoft Software + Services Platform
Patrick Arnold, CTO, Microsoft Services

Panel – Virtualization – Basics (Lynn McNulty)
Virtualization Models
Chong Yi, VMware
Security and Virtualization
Lee Badger, NIST
Government Adoption
Jimmy Sorrells, GreenHill
New Security Tech
Anthony More, Vir2us

Panel -- Cloud Computing Perspectives (Ari Schwartz)
Relevance of Current Standards
Peter Mell, NIST
Daniel Weitzner, MIT
DOD and the Cloud
Chris Kubic, Technical Director, DOD IA Architecture
Mike Sade, GSA FAS


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