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ispab presentations: December 2009 meeting

(All presentations in .pdf format.)




Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Welcome and Remarks
Dan Chenok, Board Chairman

Cloud Computing and the US Government Trusted Internet Connection (TIC) Program
Peter Tseronis, Senior Advisor, DOE
Peter Mell, NIST
Lisa Schlosser, Board Member

Health IT
Vish Sankaran, Federal Health Architecture, ONC/HHS
Ashley Corbin, CMS/OIS
Jodi Daniel, ONC/HHS
Gail Belles, VA
Kitt Winter, HIT/SSA
Jaren Doherty, Board Member

Smart Grid
Jules Polonetsky, Future of Privacy Forum
Dave Dalva, CISCO
Lynn McNulty, Board Member

U.S. Government Acquisitions Role in Security
John Gilligan, Gilligan Group, Inc.
Richard S. Smith, DHS
Dan Chenok, Board Member

Authentication -ICAM
Judy Spencer, GSA

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Welcome and Remarks
Dan Chenok, Board Chairman

Review of Day One of the Meeting
Board Members
   1. Board Administrative Discussion
   2. Agenda Topics for 2010 Meetings Dates

NIST Update on FY10 Activities
Donna Dodson, NIST

Research and Development for Secure Software
David Ferraiolo, NIST/NITRD
Fred Schneider, Board Member

ISIMC Metrics Subcommittee Member Update)
Lee Badger, NIST
John Streufert, Department of State
ISPAB Subcommittee Board Members

Public Participation

Friday, December 4, 2009

Welcome and Introduction
Dan Chenok, Board Chairman

CIS Commission
Jim Lewis, Center For Strategic and International Studies
Phyllis Schneck, McAfee
Dan Chenok, Board Member

E-FACA Discussion
Board Members

NAPA Study on Cyber Workforce
Frank Reeder, CSIS Cybersecurity Commission Member
Karen Evans, CSIS Cybersecurity Commission Member


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