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ISPAB Membership

Links are provided for those board members that submitted their biographies. All bios are in .PDF format.

Peter J. Weinberger, Chairperson
Senior Software Engineer
Google, Inc.
TEL: 212-565-4907 FAX: 212-565-0001
Email: Peter Weinberger

Christopher Boyer
Assistant Vice President, Public Policy
AT&T Services Inc.
TEL: 202-457-2132
Email: Christopher Boyer

John R. Centafont
NSA Information Assurance and Cyber Defense
TEL: 410-854-5835
Email: John Centafont

David M. Cullinane
Founder and CEO, Security Starfish, LLC
TEL: 978-340-7446
Email: David Cullinane

Kevin Fu
Associate Professor,
EECS Department,
The University of Michigan
TEL: 616-594-0385
Email: Kevin Fu

Greg Garcia
Executive Vice President, McBee Strategic
TEL: 202-234-1224
Email: Greg Garcia

Toby Levin
Email: Toby Levin

Edward A. Roback
US Department of Treasury
Email: Edward Roback

Gale S. Stone
Deputy Assistant Inspector General for Audit
Social Security Administration
TEL: 410-965-9723   FAX: 410-965-1232
Email: Gale Stone

J. Daniel Toler
U.S. Department of Homeland Security,
Washington, DC
Deputy Director, Federal Network Resilience
Senior Executive Service
Email: J. Daniel Toler


Annie W. Sokol
National Institute of Standards and Technology
TEL: 301-975-2006 FAX : 301-975-8670
Email : Annie Sokol


Matthew Scholl Alternate Designated Federal Officer
National Institute of Standards and Technology
TEL: 301-975-2941   FAX : 301-975-8670
Email: Matthew Scholl