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SP 800-79-1: Guideline for Accreditation of PIV Issuer Organizations

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1 Ketan Mehta
On page 23 of NIST SP 800-79, under the section "Authorization to Conduct Identity Proofing," it says that the Applicant should be requested to authorize the PCI to process the application and to conduct all identity proofing. However, on page 24, under the section "Request for Identity Proofing," it says that an agency Employer/Sponsor issues a request for identity proofing to the Registrar, who is responsible for identity proofing of the Applicant and ensuring successful completion of the required background checks.

So, which is true? Who does the identity proofing? The Registrar or the PCI? And who requests the identity proofing? The Applicant or the Sponsor?
The applicant authorizes (gives consent) to conduct the identity proofing. The Sponsor initiates or requests the identity proofing. The Registrar performs the identity proofing.

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