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  • 4/21/06 -- The results of the  Minutiae Interoperability Exchange Test (MINEX) were published in on March 6, 2006 as NISTIR 7296. The test assessed the feasibility of using minutiae templates as the interchange medium for fingerprint information between different fingerprint matching systems, by comparing interoperable performance to that obtained from the use of fingerprint images. The report is of special interest for the biometric vendor and user communities and Federal Agencies because NIST's Special Publication 800-76 Biometric Data Specification for Personal Identity Verification specifies minutiae data as the interchange medium for fingerprint information. SP 800-76 also identifies conformance test procedures in sections 7 and 8. Template generators and matchers will be tested for interoperability in accordance with the provisions in SP 800-76 Section 7.4.1 and the results of the test will be published on the PIV webpage. 
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