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SP 800-73 Revision History



Release Date


SP 800-73

April 2005

  • Inital (first) release

SP 800-73-1

April 2006
  • Incorporated Errata

SP 800-73-2

September 2009

  • Removed default algorithms --each PIV key type can be implemented from a small subset of algorithms and key sizes as specified in Table 3.1 of SP 800-78-1

  • Added optional Discovery Object

  • Added optional capability to use Global PIN (in addition to the PIV Card Application PIN) for use with the PIV Card Application

  • Added pivMiddlewareVersion API function

  • Added ECDSA as an optional digital signature algorithm

  • Removed size limit of signed data object containers

The Revision History is a list of updates to SP 800-73 since its initial release. All updates are optional additions to the initial release of SP 800-73. Therefore, current PIV cards with or without these optional features remain valid. More information can be found in the Recommendations on PIV Middleware Version Management document.


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