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RBAC Standard Revision

INCITS committee CS1.1 is investigating potential revisions to the RBAC standard, INCITS 359-2004.  Individuals or organiztions interested in participating are invited, details below.  For assistance with INCITS membership, please contact Lynn Barra (  For questions about the current RBAC standard or the revision process, Rick Kuhn ( or Ed Coyne (

  • Either the organization or a department or other subdivision could become a member. The CS1.1 members are listed on under Cyber Security (CS1).They are currently
    • Booz | Allen | Hamilton
    • Hitachi Data Systems
    • Microsoft Corporation
    • National InstituteStandards and Technology
    • Veterans Health Administration
  • Meetings are held 4-5 times per year face-to-face with dial-in capability.
  • The RBAC Standard update is expected to take 6-12 months.
  • Complete membership information is on under INCITS Membership.
  • CS1.1 is a Task Group under the CS1 Technical Committee.Membership in one or the other or both is possible.For CS1.1 membership only the annual fee is $1200.For membership in both CS1.1 and CS1 the annual fee is $1600.
  • For further assistance please contact Lynn Barra ( at INCITS.