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Helpful RBAC Resources

Early Papers

D.F. Ferraiolo and D.R. Kuhn (1992) "Role Based Access Control" 15th National Computer Security Conference - original RBAC paper; introduces a formal model for role based access    PDF

D.F. Ferraiolo, J. Cugini, D.R. Kuhn (1995) "Role Based Access Control: Features and Motivations", Computer Security Applications Conference - extends the 1992 model PDF

R. S. Sandhu, E.J. Coyne, H.L. Feinstein, C.E. Youman (1996), "Role-Based Access Control Models", IEEE Computer 29(2): 38-47, IEEE Press, 1996.- introduces a framework for RBAC models PDF

RBAC Theory and Practice Timeline - early theoretical results for RBAC models that evolved into RBAC standard

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New Draft Implementation Standard Proposed

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How to Join CS1.1 Group

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Downloadable RBAC Software

This section provides links to several downloadable RBAC software items. The items listed here are currently out of date and are no longer supported. These items can be used as examples of source code, but will not run on operating systems such as MS XP or Vista.

Installation Instructions

RBAC for UNIX/POSIX/Linux and RBAC for Windows NT (UNIX tar file)

RBAC for UNIX/POSIX/Linux and RBAC for Windows NT (compressed UNIX tar file)

RBAC Conference Much of the research on RBAC appears first in proceedings of the ACM Symposium on Access Control Models and Technologies (SACMAT), previously ACM Workshop on Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), 1995-2000