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Helpful RBAC Resources

Early Papers

D.F. Ferraiolo and D.R. Kuhn (1992) "Role Based Access Control" 15th National Computer Security Conference - original RBAC paper; introduces a formal model for role based access PDF D.F. Ferraiolo, J. Cugini, D.R. Kuhn (1995) "Role Based Access Control: Features and Motivations", Computer Security Applications Conference - extends the 1992 model PDF R. S. Sandhu, E.J. Coyne, H.L. Feinstein, C.E. Youman (1996), "Role-Based Access Control Models", IEEE Computer 29(2): 38-47, IEEE Press, 1996.- introduces a framework for RBAC models PDF RBAC Theory and Practice Timeline - early theoretical results for RBAC models that evolved into RBAC standard