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CSOR Security Label Registration

The CSOR has allocated the following registration branch for security label Named Tag sets:

{joint-iso-ccitt(2) country(16) us(840) organization(1) gov(101) csor(3) slabel(1)}.

The document General Procedures for Registering Computer Security Objects (NISTIR 5308) contains an appendix ( Appendix C) outlining object-specific registration procedures for security label Named Tag Sets as defined by FIPS PUB 188 "Standard Security Labels for Information Transfer". The same registration branch and procedures will be used to register security labels for the IEEE 802.10 Secure Data Exchange (SDE) protocol.

Object-specific registration procedures indicate details that must be provided to register Computer Security Objects (CSOs) of a certain type. The required information is limited to details necessary to implement correctly such objects. The information outlined in the Appendix C of NISTIR 5308 shall be included with the Request for Registration Application specified in Appendix B of the same document. The information in security label Named Tag Sets is defined by a security policy, therefore policy-driven handling instructions and system responses to potential security events should be included in the registration information. The rationale for the handling instructions imposed and the meaning of the security information to the end system are local matters that need not be registered.

Registered Objects

There are no objects registered under this branch.