Third AES Candidate Conference (AES3)

Last Modified: October 24, 2000

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Third AES Candidate Conference (AES3)

Near the end of Round 2 of the AES Development Effort, the Third AES Candidate Conference (AES3) was held on April 13-14, 2000, at the Hilton New York and Towers in New York, New York, USA. Over 250 people from more than 25 countries attended the conference.

At AES3, Round 2 technical analysis of the finalists was presented and discussed, along with views as to which of the finalists should be selected as the AES winner(s).

AES3 followed the Fast Software Encryption Workshop 2000 (FSE2000), which was held at the same location on April 10-12, 2000.


Two photos of the AES3 finalist submitter panel (Session 8), courtesy of Markus Dichtl: 1, 2
(From left to right: Ross Anderson, Ron Rivest, Vincent Rijmen, Bruce Schneier, and Shai Halevi)

Program Committee

    Morris Dworkin (NIST)
    Miles Smid (CygnaCom Solutions)
    Tom Berson (Anagram Laboratories)
    Dennis Branstad (Consultant - TIS Labs)
    Craig Clapp (PictureTel)
    Susan Langford (Certicom)
    Stefan Lucks (Universitšt-Mannheim)
    Tim Moses (Entrust Technologies)
    David Solo (Citigroup)

Technical contact: Morris Dworkin
Administrative/process questions: Elaine Barker, Bill Burr