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Round 2 (9/28/2009-12/9/2010)

NIST announced fourteen second-round candidates in an email to the hash-forum listserv on July 24, 2009. Their updated submission packages were posted on September 28, 2009, and Round two of the competition began. A year was allocated for the public review of these candidates.

NIST hosted a Second SHA-3 Candidate Conference at the University of California, Santa Barbara on August 23-24, 2010 to discuss the security and performance analyses of the second-round candidates. NIST received significant feedback from the cryptographic community both before and after the conference. Based on this public feedback and internal review of the second-round candidates, NIST selected five finalists to advance to the third (and final) round of the competition on December 9, 2010, ending the second round of the competition.

A status report on the second round of the competition is available here.