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SHA-3 Submission Requirements

Optical Media

For the portions of the submissions that may be provided electronically, the information shall be provided on a single CD-ROM or DVD using the ISO 9660 format. This disc shall have the following structure:

        • \README
        • \Reference_Implementation
        • \Optimized_32bit
        • \Optimized_64bit
        • \KAT_MCT
        • \Supporting_Documentation
        • \Additional_Implementations

If additional implementations are provided, a directory called "Additional Implementations" shall also be included.

The “README” file shall list all files that are included on this disc with a brief description of each.

All optical media presented to NIST must be free of viruses or other malicious code.

For full details of the SHA-3 Submission Requirements, see the Federal Register Notice (November 2, 2007).