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Communications Security Establishment

The Communications Security Establishment (CSE) is the Canadian Federal Government lead agency that delivers Information Technology Security (ITS) solutions to the government of Canada and is the government of Canada's lead agency on cryptography. CSE provides information on which cryptographic algorithms may be used for specific applications, and is also responsible for approving the use of cryptographic equipment and supplying keying material and related documentation to Federal Government institutions that handle classified information, and to industry where a government contract or federal sponsorship or partnership exists. CSE also supplies government organizations with cryptographic materials made to safeguard designated information and meet the security and privacy needs of the electronic commerce environment.

CSE helps develop the operational standard on ITS for the Federal Government and provides advice and guidance to help government organizations meet that standard. CSE has the expertise necessary to inspect, test and evaluate COMSEC systems and procedures, and through its Industrial Programs, CSE works with Canadian industry to help government users find appropriate ITS solutions, encourage the development of Canadian IT products and services to meet the needs of government users, and seek formal agreements with other governments on equivalent program standards and procedures and mutual acceptance of accreditation results.

General information about CSE programs and services is available on the World Wide Web at:, or you can call Customer Services at (613) 991-7600.

Cryptographic Module Validation Program Conference 2002
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