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Information Technology Laboratory

The Information Technology Laboratory (ITL) is one of the Measurement and Standards Laboratories of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). ITL's mission is to strengthen the U.S. economy and improve the quality of life by developing and applying technology, measurements, and standards for information technology. ITL also fulfills a legislative mandate in the computer security arena to develop standards and guidelines for the Federal Government. ITL is uniquely positioned in the exploding world of information technology, providing an objective, independent, cutting-edge forum for measurement and standards development. The laboratory carries out its mission by working with industry, research, and government organizations to develop and demonstrate tests, test methods, reference data, proof-of-concept implementations, and other infrastructure technologies that are essential to the global information technology revolution. ITL's aim is to enable U.S. industry to produce information technology systems that are usable, secure, scalable and interoperable.

The Computer Security Division (CSD) raises awareness of IT risks, vulnerabilites and protection requirements, particulady for new and emerging technologies. CSD researches, studies, and advises agencies of IT vulnerabilities and devises techniques for the cost-effective security and privacy of sensitive Federal systems; develops standards, metrics, tests and validation programs; and develops guidance to increase secure IT planning, implementation, management, and operation.

Cryptographic Module Validation Program Symposium 2004
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