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Established in 2012 through a partnership among NIST, the State of Maryland and Montgomery County, the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) is dedicated to furthering innovation through the rapid identification, integration and adoption of practical, standards-based cybersecurity solutions.

Current Work

To learn more about our current work, browse the "Projects" and "Building Blocks" areas of this site, or download the one-page descriptions below (all documents are PDFs):

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Building Blocks

National Institute of Standards and Technology

The NCCoE is part of the NIST Information Technology Laboratory and operates in close collaboration with the Computer Security Division. As a part of the NIST family, the center has access to a foundation of prodigious expertise, resources, relationships and experience.

NIST is a recognized thought leader in:


Identity management 

Key management 

Mobile security 

Risk management 

• Secure automation     

• Secure networking

Secure virtualization

Security for cloud

Trusted roots of hardware 

Usability and security 

Vulnerability management


For more information on the center's founding, see:

Download a copy of our brochure (PDF).

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