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The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) collaborates with vendors of commercially available technologies to build practical cybersecurity reference designs that can be rapidly applied to the real challenges that businesses face each day. The NCCoE has a four-step process:

1. Define the problem statement

2. Assemble a team of members of industry, government and academia

3. Build practical solutions—based on commercially available technologies—that are usable, repeatable, modular, and based on relevant standards and best practices

4. Facilitate rapid, widespread deployment and use of these solutions

The NCCoE helps businesses:

• Rapidly adopt practical cybersecurity solutions

• Access cybersecurity example solutions that match their industry’s specific business needs

• Rely on cybersecurity based on commercially available technologies

• Increase their ability to innovate by bridging technology gaps

• Work with cyber innovators in a trusted, state-of-the-art, collaborative environment

• Deepen their understanding of cybersecurity capabilities, relevant costs, and integration and adoption methods

• Broaden their awareness of cybersecurity technologies and standards

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