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SEcuring Assets for the financial Services sector

The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) has drafted the first of several use cases addressing cybersecurity issues that are relevant to members of the financial services sector. The comment period is closed, but you may still download the use cases below.

Next steps:

  • Comments will be incorporated into revised use cases and they will be posted here
  • A notice in the Federal Register will invite participation from members of the cybersecurity technology community to address the use case problems
  • Technology community members will submit letters of interest
  • The NCCoE will host a meeting of technology community members
  • The NCCoE will sign collaborative agreements with community members and begin technical work

Use Case: Access rights Management (PDF)

The goal of this project is to demonstrate ways to link together the management of existing disparate identity and access mechanisms and systems into a comprehensive identity and access management (IDAM) system. This will enable financial sector entities to centrally issue, validate, and modify or revoke access rights for their entire enterprise based on easy-to-understand business rules.

Use Case: IT Asset management (PDF)

The goal of this project is to tie existing data systems for physical assets and security and IT security and support into a comprehensive IT asset management (ITAM) system. Financial services companies can employ this ITAM system to dynamically apply business and security rules to better utilize information assets and protect enterprise systems and data. Such an ITAM system will give companies the ability to track, manage and report on an information asset throughout its entire life cycle.

NCCoE cybersecurity experts will address these challenges through collaboration with members of the financial services sector and vendors of cybersecurity solutions. The solutions proposed by this effort will not be the only ones available in the fast-moving cybersecurity technology market. If you would like to propose an alternative architecture or know of products that might be applicable to this challenge, please contact us at financial_nccoe@nist.gov.



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