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Health IT

Secure Exchange of Electronic Health Information Demonstration Project


Health care providers can deliver more efficient, more affordable patient care by exchanging electronic health information, but few are able to secure their information transfers. Health care providers need the knowledge and tools to protect the privacy and integrity of electronic health information.

The NCCoE is helping health care providers acquire, integrate and adopt electronic health record capabilities that are:

• Secure
• Usable
• Interoperable
• Cost-effective

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The Secure Exchange of Electronic Health Information Demonstration Project is expected to run for one to two years and tackle a variety of issues related to securing health information.

If you are interested in participating in this project, please contact us.

Participants should identify the security platform components or capabilities they can offer, including:

• Electronic health information entry and display devices

• Authentication and authorization mechanisms

• Data transfer/communication components

• Electronic health information storage and retrieval components

• Forms generation capabilities

• Printer devices or interfaces

The first use case in this project considers how physicians use electronic health records on mobile devices. Learn more about the Health IT Mobile Device use case.

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