updated iconApril 28, 2014
PLENARY Plenary & Keynote - Videos
TRK1 Awareness- Videos
TRK2 Formal Education - Videos
TRK3 Workforce - Videos
TRK4 States, Competition, Schools - Videos
8:30 - 8:45am Plenary Welcome & Announcements Dr. Ernest McDuffie (NIST)
8:45 - 9:15am Plenary Keynote Project - Collegiate Cybersecurity Championship Cup
Dr. Greg White (UTSA)
9:20 - 10:15am Plenary Keynote - Joseph M. Demarest, Jr. and the Federal Bureau of Investigation Joseph M. Demarest, Jr. (FBI)
10:15 - 10:45am Plenary Networking, Coffee Break, Vendor Expo
10:50 - 11:45am TRK1 How to Leverage Stakeholders and Maximize Outreach Panel (panel) Silvia Farag (DHS)
Nicole Vincent (FTC)
Michelle Boykins (NCPC)
Ajay Gupta
Marcus Sachs
  TRK2 A:  The Role of NSF Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Centers in National Cybersecurity Education Efforts (panel)
Presentation (Hovis)
Dr. Corby Hovis (NSF)
Casey O'Brien (NCC)
Dr. Diana Burley (GWU)
  TRK2 B: Resources for Teaching Physical System/SCADA Security (panel) Dr. Tom Pigg (JSCC)
Robert Hamilton (CSEC)
Matthew Maynard (FTTC)
  TRK3 Identification, Tracking and Development of the Cybersecurity Workforce (panel)
Roy Burgess (DHS)
George Bieber (DoD CIO)
Chris Kelsall (DoN CIO)
Kevin Duffer (Skillsoft)
  TRK4 Poster Session
A. University of Washington CCDC and CTF Teams

B. Attitudes on Gender Equal Design of Cybersecurity Competitions

A. Melody Kadenko
David Mah
Edward Samson
Alex Takakuwa
Tariq Yusuf
Larson Zornes (all UW)

B. Jason Pittman (Capitol College)
11:50 - 1:00pm   Networking Lunch, Vendor Expo, Museum Tour  
1:00 - 2:00pm TRK1 Good People, Bad Decisions:&  An Interplay of Economics, Psychology of Risk
Dr. Dmitry Zhdanov (UC)
  TRK2 Community College Cybersecurity Curriculum: Standardization, Innovation, Articulation (panel)
Presentation (Sande)
Presentation (Mikos)
Casey O'Brien (CyberWatch)
Dr. Margaret Leary (NCC)
Pat Mikos (MSDE)
Corrinne Sande (CWW)
  TRK3 Hiring and Managing a Cyber Security Workforce
Scott Cameron (R3GS)
  TRK4 Poster Session
A.  Puzzle-Based Learning for Cybersecurity
Presentation (Saha)

B.  Ensuring Quality of Cybersecurity Education

A.  Dr. Dipankar Dasgupta
Sanjib Kumar Saha (UM)

B.  Turan Ayvaz (ANSI)
2:05 - 3:00pm TRK1 Answers to Common Privileged Account Management Challenges Dr. Einar Mykletun
  TRK2 Community Colleges and Designations of Excellence in Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics (CAE2Y, CDFAE) (panel) Dr. Vera Zdravkovich (NCC)
Corrinne Sande (CWW)
John Knight (ITCC)
Dawn Blanche (AACC)
Karen Leuschner (NSA)
Denisha Jackson (NSA)
  TRK3 How the Department of Veteran Affairs is Implementing the NICE Cybersecurity Framework
Terri Cinnamon (VA)
  TRK4 Poster Sessions
A. Becoming an Active Cyber Defender to Help Protect the Cyber Community

B. Determining Training Requirements for Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM)

A. Christopher Barr (TCS)

B. Dr. Luke Brooks-Shesler (SRA)
3:05 - 4:00pm TRK1 Bridging the Skill Gap: (Re)Training Workers into Cybersecurity Careers (panel)
John Knight (Ivy Tech CC)
Kip Kunsman (AACC)
Kim Law (Nat'l STEM)
  TRK2 Using Virtualization Technology to Support Cybersecurity Curricula and Competitions (panel) Dr. John Sands (CSSIA)
Erich Spengler (CSSIA)
Dr. Dan Manson (CalPolyPom)
Dr. David Durkee (CSSIA)
Wally Eaton (Florida State CJ)
Col. Ron Dodge (USMA)
  TRK3 Professionalizing the Nation's Cybersecurity Workforce (panel)
Montana Williams (DHS)
Dr. Diana Burley (GWU)
Dr. Ron Sanders (BAH)
Mischel Kwon (MKA)
3:05 - 4:00pm TRK4 Poster Sessions
A. Training Without Boundaries for the Cybersecurity Workforce

B. Federal Information Systems Security Educators' Association Overview

A. Terri Cinnamon (VA)
Scott Anderson (VA)

B. Pat Toth (NIST)
4:05 - 4:50pm Plenary Workshop Wrap Up & Track Sessions Summary  (panel)
Presentation (Dorville)
Kristina Dorville (DHS)
Dr. Victor Piotrowski (NSF)
Camsie McAdams (DoEd)
Benjamin Scribner (DHS)
Roy Burgess (DHS)
4:50 - 5:00pm Plenary Call to Action Dr. Ernest McDuffie (NIST)