Ms. Kristina Dorville
Program Manager, Cybersecurity Awareness Programs
Department of Homeland Security

Kristina V. Dorville serves as the Program Manager for Cybersecurity Awareness Programs in the National Cyber Security Division of the National Protection and Programs Directorate (NPPD) for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). As part of this, she serves as the lead for the planning and execution of the annual National Cyber Security Awareness Month and for the implementation of the National Cyber Security Awareness Campaign, Stop. Think. Connect.

Prior to taking on this role, Ms. Dorville served as a Deputy Chief of Staff for the National Protection and Programs Directorate. As a Deputy Chief of Staff, Ms. Dorville directly supported and advised the Deputy Under Secretary on general Directorate mission area issues, as well as Directorate management activities. Based on the Deputy Under Secretary’s focus area, Ms. Dorville was most actively involved with the Department’s cyber mission areas.

Ms. Dorville served as a key member on the transition team for the Preparedness Directorate’s reorganization that resulted in the creation of the National Protection and Programs Directorate (NPPD) and continued her role as Special Assistant in the new Front Office for Under Secretary Robert Jamison. She was directly involved in the initial development of what is now the Comprehensive National Cyber Initiative and served as the primary liaison between the Office of Cyber Security and Communications and the NPPD front office.

Previously, Ms. Dorville worked in the former-Preparedness Directorate Office of the Under Secretary as a Special Assistant. In this role, her portfolio was the Department’s Grant Programs. She served as the subject matter expert and advisor to the Deputy Secretary, DHS and Under Secretary for the Department’s grants programs and played a key role in the coordinating and drafting of the FY2007 Grant Guidance.

Prior to becoming a Federal employee, Ms. Dorville worked for Booz Allen Hamilton during the standup and creation of DHS and had nearly three years of on-site consulting experience. As a consultant, Ms. Dorville worked on coordinating and managing support for FEMA’s then-Exercise and Evaluation division and played an active role in the National Exercise Series and the Senior Officials Exercises. Based on her involvement and training under the National Exercise Programs, she was also selected for deployment for Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts with Emergency Support Function-2 operations and provided direct support to the Principal Federal Official at the forward operating post in New Orleans. Ms. Dorville also worked on the inaugural Project Management Team supporting Homeland Security Presidential Directive 8: National Preparedness and assisted with the initial development of the DHS State and Local Fusion Center guidelines.

Ms. Dorville is a native of Bethlehem, PA and received both her undergraduate and masters degrees from George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. She is also the Head Swim Coach at Washington-Lee High School in Arlington, VA as well as Ft. Myer Officer’s Club Swim Team.

Speaking Schedule
Tuesday, September 17, 8:50-9:50am - National Cybersecurity Awareness Overview
Tuesday, September 18, 1:00-1:55pm - Stop. Think. Connect Campaign
Thursday, September 19, 4:05-4:50pm - Workshop Wrap Up & Track Sessions Summary (panel)