Craig Holcomb
Senior Compliance Officer
National Security Agency

Mr. Craig Holcomb is a Senior Computer Scientist with the National Security Agency. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Tennessee with a double major in Mathematics and Computer Science, a Master’s degree in Computer Science from George Washington University, and an Applied Scientist degree also from GW with a major in Computer Science Software and Systems, with minors in Hardware and Artificial Intelligence.

Mr. Holcomb has been with NSA for over 32 years. He began his career as a programmer; he later ran a technology lab introducing new computer technology into NSA. He was the technical director for NSA’s Chief Information Officer’s office of Policy and Governance. He served as a technical recruiter hiring Computer Scientists and Engineers for NSA’s Information Assurance Directorate. From there he moved to be the technical director for the Modeling and Simulation Oversight Division in NSA’s Operations Research, Modeling and Simulation office. Currently, he’s NSA’s Senior Compliance Officer, ensuring NSA complies with laws such as the Federal Information Security Management Act.

Mr. Holcomb has been a speaker for NSA’s Mathematics Speaker’s Bureau for over 17 years. He was the Master Instructor for a course called Operations Research in Real Life at NSA’s Math And Related Sciences (MARS) summer camp for high school students. He has created or substantially changed 8 talks and presented 14 of the 52 talks in NSA’s catalog to a wide variety of audiences including students in Elementary, Middle and High Schools in both public and private schools, county wide meetings of high school Mathematics Department Heads, and the Maryland Council of Teachers of Mathematics Annual conference. Some of his talks include Cyber Ethics; Cyber Security: Public Key Cryptography & Public Key Infrastructure; Defense Against the Dark Arts - Cyber Security; and Winning Games: Luck or Logic?

Mr. Holcomb has been a technical recruiter for over 15 years presenting information on NSA to high school and college students. He represents the skill field of Computer Science and is the Chair of NSA’s Stokes Educational Scholarship Program Mentor Committee.

Speaking Schedule
Wednesday, September 18, 11:55-12:45pm - Defense Against the Dark Arts - Cyber Security Basics