Dr. Claude Turner
Dr. Claude Turner
Associate Professor
Bowie State University

Dr. Claude Turner’s research interests lie in the areas of computer networking, cybersecurity, big data analytics, and cybersecurity education. He developed predictive network management algorithms to predict the bandwidth of network traffic. These algorithms seek to address the important problem of congestion in computer networks and enhancing quality of service.

Dr. Turner’s work in cybersecurity spans the areas of digital forensics, data privacy, and computer network security. In speech forensics, he developed an algorithm to enhance the accuracy of identifying an individual from the voice samples of that person. Although there have been tremendous growth in speech forensics in recent years, the technology still lags in terms of accuracy. Thus, experts urge caution in using convicting an individual solely from evidence obtained through speech forensics. Dr. Turner’s work in forensics intersects with his interest in network security. Specifically, his team seeks to improve malware detection, analysis, and mitigation by leveraging concurrency and distributed computing to enhance computational speed in live digital forensics and forensics of large datasets.

Dr. Turner and his doctoral students are also developing data privacy algorithms that seek to guarantee information privacy without significantly sacrificing the utility (or usefulness) of that information to the researcher. An additional component of this project comprises the development of a family of metrics to more accurately measure data privacy.

Dr. Turner and his team collaborate with a team of scientists at NASA Goddard in conducting research in data analytics. This research developed a set of algorithms to search and retrieve anomalies in “big data.” These algorithms have been successfully tested on satellite data collected by NASA spacecrafts and has yielded superior results when compared to traditional methods.

In cybersecurity education, Dr. Turner collaborates with a team of faculty from other University System of Maryland institutions, an HBCU consortium and Sandia National labs to develop laboratory modules to integrate cybersecurity into undergraduate computer science courses. The team also engages in a variety of faculty development initiatives, such as workshops, research collaborations, and other curriculum development activities.

Dr. Turner is a strong proponent of integrating experiential learning and research into education. He believes that opportunities for gaining such experiences should be available both within and outside the classroom. In this regard, he serves as faculty advisor to the Bowie State University collegiate cyber defense team. The team conducts research in network security, and builds, configure and secure corporate-style networks. These experiences are also integrated into courses taught by him.

Dr. Turner is PI/Co-PI of several federally funded projects and has authored/co-authored over two dozen peer-reviewed articles.

Speaking Schedule
Tuesday, September 17, 3:00-3:55pm - Holistic Cyber Security Education: Balancing Breadth and Depth (1st panel)