Tariq Yusuf
Tariq Yusuf
Undergraduate Student - Senior Year
University of Washington

Tariq Yusuf is a rising senior at the University of Washington seeking his Bachelors in Computer Science. From a young age, he always had a passion for computers. At the age of eight he started learning about web programming and later introductory software engineering. He took this passion to the University of Washington where he has the opportunity to learn more about the field and narrow down his specialization. He became involved with computer security early last year when he was told by a friend about Batman’s Kitchen, the CTF team. His curiosity and excitement for the field allowed him to be involved in both the CTF team and the CCDC team, Team Hillarious. His aptitude for self-learning and the electric atmosphere of the teams powered him through an experimental, crash-course in cybersecurity and computer networks. After graduation, Tariq plans to attend graduate school to obtain a PhD through research in computer and network security.

Speaking Schedule
Thursday, September 19, 10:50-11:45am - A. University of Washington CCDC and CTF Teams