The Collegiate Cybersecurity Championship Cup
Thursday, September 19, 8:45-9:15am - Presentation

Cybersecurity competitions have been around in some form for over a decade. These competitions come in many forms and are aimed at different target audiences. They have been used to encourage interest in the cybersecurity career field and have provided avenues for participants to gain experience that they might not have been able to obtain otherwise. While individually the competitions are proving to be a great benefit to the field, there is little coordination between the competitions and it is hard for individuals to know which competition is “best” for them or their school. In an effort to bring some structure and coordination to the field, starting at the collegiate level, the Collegiate Cybersecurity Championship Cup has been proposed. This presentation will discuss the plans to introduce the program, the reason for its introduction, and how a national champion will be selected.

Dr. Gregory White   Dr. Gregory White