Mapping Free & Open Source Deep Technical Training to the NICE Framework
Tuesday, September 17, 4:00-4:55pm - Presentation is a collection of free and open source computer security classes that are derived from MITRE’s internal training. Much of the existing public released classes are focused in the framework areas of Computer Network Defense and Vulnerability Assessment and Management, training up employees with example job titles of Ethical Hacker, Reverse Engineer, and Malware Analyst. Xeno himself has contributed 8 days worth of materials and videos to the site on topics such as assembly language, binary executable formats, and rootkits.

This talk will cover how these deep technical classes have been mapped to NICE 1.0 KSAs. It will discuss how self-contained class knowledge nuggets can be tied to NICE KSAs, which can support minimal overhead training for organizations that wish to provide training in only those KSAs deemed necessary to do a job. We will also show where the mappings lead to ambiguity (e.g. KSA 20 “knowledge of complex data structures”), and touch on the feedback we will be providing to NIST to help the framework better-apply to deep technical training in the future.

We recognize that a balance must be struck between high level KSA definitions, without diving too deep into the weeds. But this talk will show concretely how for highly technical work, some additional granularity is necessary to help drive the requirements to separate classes that only teach the basics, vs. those that provide the highly specialized skills necessary to succeed in jobs. We hope that this talk will also provide a guide for other technical specialty areas to map to the NICE framework and provide feedback to help provide additional value for training in their areas.