Going Beyond Awareness: How to Achieve Effective Integration of Cyber Security Across K-12
Wednesday, September 18, 2:50-3:45pm - Presentation

Research shows that despite the best of intensions and the commitment of huge sums of money, most of the efforts to make substantive changes to K-12 education result in what can only be described as an epic fail, that is, they never achieve change that is wide-spread, deeply implemented, and sustained over time. The explanation for most of these failures lies in the inability to navigate the complex policy and bureaucracy maze that is our K-12 education system in the U.S. If we are to meet the pressing need to deeply embed cybersafety and cybersecurity into the educational experiences our children, we must work together to go beyond mere awareness. This session will explore key strategies and best practices for achieving sustained educational change, including the critical link to learning standards, the importance of terminology, ways to engage classroom teachers as critical stakeholders, and how to share the story of cybersecurity in ways that resonate with all stakeholders.