New Jersey Cyber Aces Academy
Tuesday, September 17, 2:00-2:55pm - Presentation

Brookdale Community College (BCC) is designing, implementing, and evaluating an innovative pathway from cyber talent to cyber workforce. It includes a unique public-private partnership that leverages the agility of community colleges and the course material of the SANS Institute to develop a scalable, competition-driven, hands-on education model that has a potential to help with the nation's critical shortage of cybersecurity workforce. The project designs metrics to identify individuals with the appropriate aptitude and expose them to vital, in-depth, hands-on learning model focusing on defending computer systems and networks. The project utilizes a multiphase competition-based model and, at each stage, students compete to demonstrate their competence and to advance to the next phase of the program. Students who successfully complete all components of the program and demonstrate their mastery have the opportunity to apply for residency positions where they can hone their skills working with practicing security professionals on real-world projects. The proposed competition and residency based model for developing the cybersecurity technical talent has a real potential for dissemination and implementation in a large number of the 1,200 community colleges nationwide.