The Open Cyber Challenge Platform
Tuesday, September 17, 1:00-1:55pm - Presentation

This project creates an open-source cyber challenge software platform (OCCP) and accompanying educational and assessment materials that are designed to be widely disseminated for teaching high school and college information assurance, cyber security, and digital forensics courses. The project consists of activities to design the OCCP using free/low cost virtualization software packaged in a standard way for public release; to create instances of the OCCP for network defense courses, penetration testing courses, and secure programming courses; to create supplemental educational materials for use with the OCCP instances in these courses; to assess the effectiveness of the use of OCCP in these courses; and to hold workshops and create a web portal for wide dissemination of educational materials, and for community contributions to the OCCP. The result of this project represents a controlled teaching and assessment environment where students apply information assurance, cyber security, and digital forensics concepts in orchestrated pedagogically-sound realistic scenarios. The OCCP is easy and inexpensive to install and as such provides a starting point that instructors can deploy to save substantial effort, and yet still tailor to their specific needs. Furthermore, it provides a framework with a software architecture and "packaging" that is meant to be shared, modified, extended, and re-used to facilitate the development of an open source community that uses, supports, and extends the OCCP.