Using Virtualization Technology to Support Cybersecurity Curricula and Competitions
Thursday, September 19, 3:05-4:00pm - Presentation

This session will tackle some of the obstacles, issues, and benefits of deploying virtualization in support of cybersecurity curricula and competitions. With the expanding complexity of teaching cybersecurity skills, the case for implementing virtualization is obvious. Virtualization technology enables an increase in both availability and complexity while providing a decrease in overall risk and cost. Over the last few years, several groups have made substantial progress in developing, deploying, and populating different virtual solutions for preparing students for the cybersecurity workforce. Panelists will share their experiences with a variety of virtualization implementations. Other topics will include the challenges of software licensing issues (specifically, vendor approval of volume license software in a virtual environment), content availability, system scalability, and bandwidth demands.

  Dr. John Sands

  Mr. Erich Spengler

Dr. Dan Manson   Dr. Dan Manson

David Durkee
Center for Systems Security and Information Assurance
Lakeland Community College

Wally Eaton
Florida State College at Jacksonville

COL Ronald Dodge   COL Ronald Dodge
West Point CIO/Associate Dean, IT
United States Military Academy