Cyber Intelligence Workforce
Tuesday, September 17, 1:00-1:55pm - Presentation

The Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University conducted a survey of cyber intelligence programs across the public and private sector. SEI researchers developed an in-depth assessment process that exposed shared challenges across organizations performing cyber intelligence. One of the most compelling problems the SEI team discovered was the lack of a ubiquitous standard for what constitutes a cyber intelligence analyst. Many organizations surveyed had differing demands of cyber intelligence analysts, and often organizations did not have clear expectations for what the analyst’s skills or competencies should be. While hiring away another organization’s analyst may solve an immediate need, it does little to address the problem: the lack of clearly defined skills and competencies for cyber intelligence analysts is a road block to professionalizing the workforce.

In this presentation, the SEI showcases key findings from its study in cyber intelligence, focusing on the analytical workforce. We will also present the skills and core competencies of a cyber intelligence analyst, derived from working with industry and government cyber intelligence organizations. Using these skills and competencies, we will highlight training and education opportunities for cyber intelligence analysts, noting the gaps in existing curriculum. Lastly, we will present an implementation framework that organizations can use to identify the ideal skills and experience needed of a cyber intelligence analyst given the mission and maturity of the cyber intelligence function within the organization.