Track 2 - Formal Education Videos

Tuesday, September 17 - 1:00-1:55pm - A: National Cybersecurity Sports Federation

Speaker: Dr. Dan Manson (CSU Pomona)

Tuesday, September 17 - 2:00-2:55pm - A: New Jersey Cyber Aces Academy and B: Information Securtiy Research and Education (INSuRE)

Speakers: A: Michael Qaissaunee (Brookdale CC), B: Dr. Melissa Dark (Purdue)

Tuesday, September 17 - 3:00-3:55pm - Holistic Cyber Security Education: Balancing Breadth and Depth (1st of 2 panels)

Speakers: Dr. Diana Burley (GWU), Dan Ryan, Dr. Blair Taylor (TowsonU), David Tobey (VivoWorks), Dr. Claude Turner (Bowie State)

Tuesday, September 17 - 4:00-4:55pm - Continued Holistic Cyber Security Education: Balancing Breadth and Depth (2nd of 2 panels)

Speakers: Dr. Diana Burley (GWU), Barbara Endicott-Popovsky (UW), Siddharth Kaza (TowsonU), Andrew Mangle (CCBC),
Dr. Dan Manson (CSU Pomona)

Wednesday, September 18 - 11:55-12:45pm - A: Measuring Software's Security with Contests and B: Cybersecurity Competitions in the Healthcare Environment

Speakers: A: Dr. Michael Hicks (UMD), B: Dr. Diane Murphy (MarymountU)

Wednesday, September 18 - 1:55-2:45pm - Evidence-Based STEM Education and its Role in Cybersecurity

Speaker: Camsie McAdams (DoEd)

Wednesday, September 18 - 2:50-3:45pm - A: Going Beyond Awareness: How to Achieve Deep Integration of Cyber Security Across K-12 and B: Collaboration as a Means to Building Capacity: K-12 Cybersecurity Pathway

Speakers: A: Dr. Chris Stephenson (CSTA), B: Davina Pruitt-Mentle (ETPRO/ Cyberwatch)

Wednesday, September 18 - 3:50-4:45pm - A: A Virtual Lab for a Hardware Security Curriculum and B: A Multimedia-based Virtual Classroom for Cyber-Physical Systems Security Education

Speakers: A: Dr. John Chandy (UC), B: Dr. Fei Hu (Univ. of Alabama Tuscaloosa)

Thursday, September 19 - 10:50-11:45am - A:  The Role of NSF Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Centers in National Cybersecurity Education Efforts (panel) and B: Resources for Teaching Physical System/SCADA Security (panel) - NO VIDEO

Speakers: A: Dr. Corby Hovis (NSF), Casey O'Brien (NCC), Dr. Diana Burley (GWU), B: Dr. Tom Pigg (Jackson State CC),
Robert Hamilton (OCT), Matthew Maynard (FTTC)

Thursday, September 19 - 1:00-2:00pm - Community College Cybersecurity Curriculum: Standardization, Innovation, Articulation (panel) - NO VIDEO

Speakers: Casey O'Brien (NCC), Dr. Margaret Leary (NCC), Pat Mikos (MSDE), Corrinne Sande (CWW)

Thursday, September 19 - 2:05-3:00pm - Community Colleges and Designations of Excellence in Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics (CAE2Y, CDFAE)

Speakers: Dr. Vera Zdravkovich (NCC), Corrinne Sande (CWW), John Knight (ITCC), Dawn Blanche (AACC), Karen Leuschner (NSA), Denisha Jackson (NSA)

Thursday, September 19 - 3:05-4:00pm - Using Virtualization Technology to Support Cybersecurity Curricula and Competitions (panel)

Speakers: Dr. John Sands (CSSIA), Erich Spengler (CSSIA), Dr. Dan Manson (CSU Pomona), Dr. David Durkee (CSSIA),
Col. Ron Dodge (USMA)