Track 3 - Professionalization, Certifications, Training & Maintaining a Competitive Cybersecurity Workforce Videos

Tuesday, September 17 - 1:00-1:55pm - Cyber Intelligence Workforce

Speakers: Troy Townsend (SEI), Melissa Ludwick (SEI)

Tuesday, September 17 - 2:00-2:55pm - Cybersecurity Education for the next Generation - Emerging Best Practices

Speaker: Marisa Viveros (IBM)

Tuesday, September 17 - 3:00-3:55pm - Training and Professional Development for Law Enforcement and Counterintelligence - NO VIDEO

Speaker: Joshua Black (DC3)

Tuesday, September 17 - 4:00-4:55pm - Digital Tutoring and Accelerating Expertise in IT: Crossing the 2-Sigma Threshold and Beyond

Speaker: Dr. Dexter Fletcher (IDA)

Wednesday, September 18 - 11:55-12:45pm - The Cybersecurity Online Learning Program at Department of State...Continuous Training for All

Speakers: Michael Petock (Avaya), Michael Riley (Edgesource)

Wednesday, September 18 - 1:55-2:45pm - Implementation of the NICE Framework

Speakers: Chris Kelsall (DoD CIO), Stephanie Keith (DoD), Dagne Fulcher (FConsulting), Renee Forney (DHS)

Wednesday, September 18 - 2:50-3:45pm - How to Plan for Your Cybersecurity Workforce

Speaker: Montana Williams (DHS)

Wednesday, September 18 - 3:50-4:45pm - National Security Professional Development Initiative

Speaker: Gerald Talbot (OPM)

Thursday, September 19 - 10:50-11:45am - Identification, Tracking, and Development of the Cybersecurity Workforce

Speakers: Roy Burgess (DHS), George Bieber (DoD CIO), Chris Kelsall (DoN CIO), Kevin Duffer (Skillsoft)

Thursday, September 19 - 1:00-2:00pm - Hiring and Managing a Cyber Security Workforce

Speaker: Scott Cameron (R3GS)

Thursday, September 19 - 2:05-3:00pm - How the Department of Veteran Affairs is Implementing the NICE Cybersecurity Framework

Speaker: Terri Cinnamon (VA)

Thursday, September 19 - 3:05-4:00pm - Professionalizing the Nation's Cybersecurity Workforce

Speakers: Montana Williams (DHS), Dr. Diana Burley (GWU), Dr. Ron Sanders (BAH), Mischel Kwon (MKA)