Track 4 - The Role of States in the National Cybersecurity Interstate Highway Competition, CAE Schools & Students Videos

Tuesday, September 17 - 1:00-1:55pm - The Indiana Cybersecurity Service Center - ICSC+

Speakers: Dr. Melissa Dark (Purdue), Hans Vargas (Purdue) - not present

Tuesday, September 17 - 2:00-2:55pm - Free Federal Training Resources (FedVTE/CTE)

Speaker: Edward Nyack (DHS)

Tuesday, September 17 - 3:00-3:55pm - How the Federal Government Can Expand Free Training Resources

Speakers: Daniel Stein (DHS), Caren Saxe (DoS), Asif Ismail (MS-ISAC)

Tuesday, September 17 - 4:00-4:55pm - A Strategy for Getting Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) Practice into Conventional Ed. and Training Settings

Speakers: Justin Clarke (CSSI), Patricia Sanford

Wednesday, September 18 - 11:55-12:45pm - Defense Against the Dark Arts - Cyber Security Basics

Speaker: Craig Holcomb (NSA)

Wednesday, September 18 - 1:55-2:45pm - How to Help Interns Stay on the Yellow Brick Road to a Career in Cybersecurity

Speaker: Stephen Battista (MITRE)

Wednesday, September 18 - 2:50-3:45pm - A. On a University-Wide Required Cyber Security Class and B. Cyber Boot Camp for H.S. Technology Teachers

Speakers: A. Dr. Raymond Greenlaw (USNA), B. Dr. M. Hossain Heydari (JMU)

Wednesday, September 18 - 3:50-4:45pm - Teaching Secure Coding in Introductory Programming Classes

Speakers: Dr. Blair Taylor (TowsonU), Siddharth Kaza (TowsonU)

Thursday, September 19 - 10:50-11:45am - A. University of Washington CCDC and CTF Teams and B. Attitudes on Gender Equal Design of Cybersecurity Competitions

Speakers: A. Melody Kadenko, David Mah, Edward Samson, Alex Takakuwa, Tariq Yusuf, Larson Zornes (all UW),
B. Jason Pittman (Capitol College)

Thursday, September 19 - 1:00-2:00pm - A. Puzzle-Based Learning for Cybersecurity and B. Ensuring Quality of Cybersecurity Education

Speakers: A. Dr. Dipankar Dasgupta and Sanjib Kumar Saha (UM), B. Dr. M. Turan Ayvaz (ANSI)

Thursday, September 19 - 2:05-3:00pm - A. Becoming an Active Cyber Defender to Help Protect the Cyber Community and B. Determining Training Requirements for Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM)

Speakers: A. Christopher Barr (TCS), B. Dr. Luke Brooks-Shesler (SRA)

Thursday, September 19 - 3:05-4:00pm - A. Training Without Boundaries for the Cybersecurity Workforce and B. Federal Information Systems Security Educators' Association Overview

Speakers: A. Terri Cinnamon (VA) and Scott Anderson (VA), B. Pat Toth (NIST)