Small Business Outreach

The small business owner who recognizes the threat of computer crime and takes steps to deter inappropriate activities is less likely to become a victim. The vulnerability of any one small business may not seem significant; however, that vulnerablitity can pose a threat to the Nation's economic base.

To address this need, NIST, the Small BusinessAdministration (SBA), and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) entered into a co-sponsorship agreement for the purpose of conducting a series of training meetings on computer security for small businesses. The purpose of the meetings is to have individuals knowledgeable in computer security provide an overview of information security threats, vulnerabilities, and corresponding protective tools and techniques with a special emphasis on providing useful information that small business personnel can apply directly or use to task contractor personnel. To read more about the Small Business Corner click here.

If you are interested in having an event in your area, send an Email request to:


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