21st National Information Systems Security Conference

21st NISSC Proceedings: Panel Sessions

October 6-9, 1998: Hyatt Regency -- Crystal City, Virginia

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Assurance / Criteria / Testing : Track A
  • Common Criteria Version 2.0 - Launching the International Standard (.pdf) (7,016 bytes / 6 KB)
    Co-Chair: Gene Troy, National Institute of Standards and Technology
    Co-Chair: Murray Donaldson, Communications-Electronics Security Group, UK
    Shukri Wakid, National Institute of Standards and Technology, United States
    Michael Jacobs, National Security Agency, United States
    Jean-Louis Desvignes, Central Information Systems Security Service, France
    Dirk Henze, German Information Security Agency, Germany
    Gary O'Bright, Communications Security Establishment, Canada
    Nick Plasier, Netherlands National Communications-Electronics Security Agency, Netherlands
    Andrew W. Saunders, Communications-Electronics Security Group, United Kingdom
  • The Trust Technology Assessment Program: "Transition to Commercial Evaluations" (.pdf) (5,707 bytes / 5 KB)
    Chair: Thomas E. Anderson, National Security Agency
    Douglas J. Landoll, Arca Systems, Incorporated
    Peter Sergent, CoAct, Incorporated
    Kimberly Kaplan, Computer Sciences Corporation
    James Reynolds, Cygnacom Solutions, Incorporated
    Edward McLaughlin, National Software Testing Laboratories
    Robert Williamson, Science Application International Corporation
  • Common Criteria Protection - Addressing Diverse Constituencies (.pdf) (6,776 bytes / 6 KB)
    Chair: Gary Stoneburner, National Institute of Standards and Technology
    Firewalls PPs:
    Wayne Jansen, National Institute of Standards and Technology
    DBMS PPs:
    Jeff DeMello, Oracle
    RBAC PPs:
    R. Chandramouli, National Institute of Standards and Technology
    PKI STs:
    Marc Laroche, Entrust Technologies
  • Alternative Assurances (.pdf) (26,252 bytes / 25 KB)
    Chair: Mary D. Schanken, National Security Agency
    Christina R. Cheetham, National Security Agency
    LT. Renell D. Edwards, National Security Agency
    Charles G. Menk III, National Security Agency
    Todd D. Schucker, National Security Agency
Education : Track B
  • Key Recovery (.pdf) (254,694 bytes / 248 KB)
    Chair: Dr. Sarbari Gupta, CygnaCom Solutions, Inc.
  • All 6 panel sessions listed above in the Education section (.zip) (1,390,774 bytes / 1,359 KB) are zipped and available to download.
Electronic Commerce : Track C
Internet : Track D
  • Anti-Virus Strategies - Preventing an Epidemic (.pdf) (18,634 bytes / 18 KB)
    Chair: Christine M. Orshesky, Telos Corporation
    Jimmy Kuo, Network Associates
    Mark Jesmer, Federal Bureau of Investigation
    Donald Phipps, Kaiser Permanente
    Erika Langerman, The Joint Staff, Pentagon
  • Do Attack / Defend Exercises Belong in the Classroom? (.pdf) (9,843 bytes / 9 KB)
    Chair: Deborah A. Frincke, University of Idaho
    Matt Bishop, University of California at Davis
    Cynthia Irvine, Naval Postgraduate School
    Ira Winkler, Information Security Advisors Group
    Derek Simmel, CERT
    Jim Davis, Iowa State University
    Willis Marti, Texas A & M University
  • Public Networks for Private Access (.pdf) (157,453 bytes / 153 KB)
    Chair: Tina Bird, Secure Network Systems
    Fred Chase, MITRE
    Tom Gilbert, Blue Ridge Networks
    Stacey Lum, InfoExpress
    Roy Pereira, TimeStep Corporation
  • All 4 panel sessions listed above in the Internet section (.zip) (109,711 bytes / 108 KB) are zipped and available to download.
Policy / Administration / Management / Operations : Track E
  • Certification and Accreditation - A Worldwide View (.pdf) (30,280 bytes / 29 KB)
    Chair: Penny Klein, DISA
    Lessons Learned from Application of the DITSCAP with U.S. Federal Agencies
    Barry C. Stauffer, CORBETT Technologies, Inc.
    A View of the DoD Intelligence Community Accreditation Support Team (DICAST) C&A
    Support and Its Role with the DITSCAP

    Jack Torak, CIA
    The National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Committee
    (NSTISSC) Work on a National C&A Standard

    LtCol. Mark Loepker, National Security Agency
    An Overview and Status of the NATO Approach to a C&A Process
    David Murphy, NATO Headquarters
    Information Assurance, C&A and INFOSEC Awareness Tools
    Jack Eller, DISA
  • Access Certificates for Electronic Services (.pdf) (15,849 bytes / 15 KB)
    Chair: Judith A. Spencer, General Services Administration
    Stanley J. Choffrey, General Services Administration
    George Datesman, Mitretek Systems
    David Temoshok, General Services Administration
  • Lessons Learned in Establishing a Virtual Computer Incident Response Capability (.pdf) (14,690 bytes / 14 KB)
    Chair: Marianne Swanson, National Institute of Standards and Technology
    Lessons Learned - Communications, Coordination, and Cooperation
    Kathy Fithen, CERT/CC, Carnegie Mellon University
    Lessons Learned in Establishing and Incident Handling Capability
    Marianne Swanson, National Insitute of Standards and Technology
    Federal Computer Incident Response Capability (FedCIRC)
    David Adler, General Services Administration
Research and Development : Track F
  • Improving Networked Information System Trustworthiness: A Research Agenda (.pdf) (9,957 bytes / 9 KB)
    Chair: Fred B. Schneider, Professor, Cornell University
    Introduction to "Trust in Cyberspace"
    Fred B. Schneider, Professor, Cornell University
    Networked Trustworthiness: The Public Telephone Network and the Internet
    Steven M. Bellovin, AT&T Laboratories
    Software and Architecture Issues
    John C. Knight, University of Virginia
    Networked Information Systems and Security
    Stephen T. Kent, BBN Corporation
    Economic and Public Policy Context for Trustworthiness
    Frank B. Schneider, Professor, Cornell University
  • The Future of Multi-Level Secure (MLS) Information Systems (.pdf) (44,456 bytes / 43 KB)
    Chair: John Campbell, National Security Agency
    Jim Williams, Booz-Allen & Hamilton, Inc.
    New Direction for Multi-Level Secure Information Systems
    Tim Ehrsam, Oracle Corporation
    The Future of MLS Information Systems
    Mario Tinto, The Aerospace Corporation
Future Issues : Track G
  • Practical Experiences Implementing a Scheme for Digital Signature (.pdf) (19,876 bytes / 19 KB)
    Chair: Klaus J. Keus, GISA/BSI, Germany
    The German Digital Signature Bill: Pratical and Technical Implications
    Dr. O.E. Liebetrau, Bundesamt fur Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik, Germany
    A Certification Authority's Position and Statement
    P. Mertes, Deutsche Telekom AG, GermanyOracle
    Evaluation and Confirmation of Products and Security Concepts: Requirements, Problems and
    Solutions: Evaluation and Confirmation of Smart Cards for Digital Signatures - Special Facets in the
    Debis Spectrum of SigG/V-Specific Services

    Dr. H.R. Baader, debis IT-Security Services, Germany
    Examination and Confirmation Bodies in the German Digital Signature Act
    Dr. Ernst-Herman Gruschwitz, TUEV Information Technology GmbH, Germany
  • Encryption Key Recovery: Off the Launch Pad (.pdf) (359,543 bytes / 351 KB)
    Chair: Elaine Barker, National Institute of Standards and Technology
    Robert Frith, Motorola, Key Recovery Alliance
    Richard Guida, Key Recovery Demonstration Project
    Dr. Stephen T. Kent, BBN

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