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These sessions provide information for newcomers to the security field as well as a refresher for the experienced security professionals.  This track encompasses a wide range of tutorials from developing a security plan to implementing role-based access control.  Generally there will be two tutorial sessions be running at any time. 

All presentations, speakers, and times are subject to change. We will do our best to list the most current information. 
Computer Security from the Fall of Troy to the Present 
Charles P. Pfleeger, Arca Systems
Network Security 
John Pescatore, Entrust
Database Security 
William Wilson, Arca Systems
Security Engineering Best Practices 
Karen Ferraiolo, Arca Systems, Inc.
Introduction to the Common Criteria
Lynne Ambuel, Director, Decisive Analytics Corporation
Specifying System Security Requirements 
Paula A. Moore, Federal Aviation Administration
Surviving the FIPS 140-1 Certification Process  
Brenda Kallighan, InforGard Laboratories, Inc.
Managing Your Return on Investment (ROI) for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Security in the Digital Future 
Peter J. Butziger, Booz Allen & Hamilton
“Holistic” Security: Circles, Pies, or Crystals? 
Jim Litchko, IMSI 
Total BS Security: Business-based Systems Security (Part II) 
Jim Litchko, IMSI
INFOSEC Year in Review 
David Kennedy, CISSP, ICSA, Inc.
INFOSEC Update 1999: Computer Crime Review 
Mich E. Kabay, CISSP, ICSA, Inc.
A Survey of Mobile Code Security Techniques 
Roshan Thomas, TIS Labs at Network Associates
Role Based Access Control 
Prof. Ravi S. Sandhu, George Mason University
Developing Security Plans for Information Technology Systems 
Marianne Swanson, NIST
The Computer Security Professional’s Role in Trade Secret Protection 
Christopher Marquart, Esq., Wyeth-Ayerst Global Pharmaceuticals
System Security Problems, Exploits, & Vulnerabilities  
Peter Shipley, KPMG LLP
Trust No One – Successfully Defending Your Network 
Adam Shostack, Marc Camm, NETECT
Authentication: “I Know You” 
Michael J. Corby, CCP, CISSP, M Corby & Associates, Inc.
Biometrics - Developing the Architecture, API, Encryption and Security. Installing & Integrating Biometric Systems into Your Existing Systems  
William H. Saito, I/O Software, Inc.
The Bind Activity: A Case Study in Incident and Vulnerability Handling Coordination 
Jeff Carpenter, CERT® Coordination Center
Computer Forensics in a LAN Environment 
Michael J. Corby, CCP, CISSP, M Corby & Associates, Inc.
Usage of Certificate Policies in a PKI to Model Real-World Trust Relationships 
Sarbari Gupta, CygnaCom Solutions

Last update September 14, 1999

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