January 1, 2006

FISSEA’s 16th Annual Conference

March 4 - 6, 2003

"Securing Your Cyber Frontier Through Awareness, Training & Education"

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March 4
 Registration and Continental Breakfast  
   8:40  Conference Welcome  Curt Carver,
US Military Academy
   8:50  Welcome NIST  Joan Hash,
Manager, Security Management Guidance Group, Computer Security Division, Information Technology Lab, NIST
presentation available
 9:00  Keynote Address
Human Side of Information Assurance
(PDF, 2.25 MB)
 Keith Rhodes,
Chief Technologist, GAO
   10:00  Meet the FISSEA Executive Board/ Nomination Procedures
 Barbara Cuffie,
Social Security Administration
   10:15  Break  
   10:30  Securing the Cyber Frontier - A Trainer's Toolkit for Improving Retention  Kelly Arnold and Judy Hoover,
NSA, National Cryptologic School
presentation available
 11:30  Providing On-Site Applications Training,
(PDF, 109 KB)
 Tom Austin,
Industry Analyst, IBG Internet Business Group and Wiley author
   12:00  Lunch
Keynote Address
Honeypots: Taking the Initiative
Lance Spitzner,
Senior Security Architect, Sun Microsystems
   12:59  Prize Drawing  Dara Murray,
Dept of Health and Human Services
   1:00  Bonus Keynote Address:
Radical Changes in Security Education
 Alan Paller,
The SANS Institute
Alternative Presentations!
 2:00  Case Study: State Department's Role-Based AIS Security Training Program  Jeff Dektor,
US Department of State
Diplomatic Security Training Center
 Sharing of Computer Security Posters
 Lee Ohringer,
Executive Director of the Association for Computer Security Day
   3:00  Break  

Alternative Presentations!

presentation available
 3:15  Information Assurance Education at West Point
(PDF, 1.53 MB)
 Daniel Ragsdale, John M. D. Hill, and Gregory Conti,
Dept. of EECS, U.S. Military Academy

 Wireless Security Tutorial  Falan Memmott,
Federal Computer Incident Response Center
Alternative Presentations!
 3:45  Information Security in the Workplace: What Every User Should Know
 Matt Rose,
Instructional Designer, CERIAS
 Utilizing Vulnerability Scanning Tools in an Introductory Undergraduate Information Systems Security Course
 Michael K. Lavine,
Towson University

Alternative Presentations!

presentation available
 4:15  Training and Awareness Aspects of the GISRA Requirements
(PDF, 14.5 KB)

 Kim Johnson,
 Standards-based IT Security Training and Government eLearning Initiatives
(PDF, 2.36 MB)
 R ichard Davis,
Karta Technologies, Inc.
   4:45  Adjourn  Curt Carver
March 5
 8:00  Continental Breakfast  Federal Business Council
   8:30  FISSEA Announcements  Curt Carver,
US Military Academy
presentation available
 8:35  Keynote Address:
The Seven Secrets of Security Awareness,
(PDF, 525 KB)

NOTE: This is a selection from the presentation and not the entire presentation
 K. Rudolph,
Native Intelligence
presentation available
 9:30  The President's Critical Infrastructure Protection Board - Education Standing Committee
(PDF, 2.85 MB)
 Dr. William (Vic) Maconachy,
National Security Agency
   10:00  Break in Exhibitor's Hall - Vendor Exhibit
 Federal Business Council
presentation available
 10:45  IT Security Awareness Products
(PDF, 2.26 MB)

Information Assurance Training & Awareness Products & Resources
(PDF, 1.78 MB)
 Maryann Dennehy,
George Bieber,
   11:45  FISSEA Business Meeting Part 1 Voting for Executive Board
 Barbara Cuffie,
   12:00  Lunch / Exhibitor's Hall  Federal Business Council
   12:20  Presentation of the Educator of the Year Award for 2002  Presented by Daniel Ragsdale,
US Military Academy, Recipient of 2001 Award
   12:59  Prize Drawing  Dara Murray
   1:00  FISSEA Business Meeting -
Part 2
 Barbara Cuffie,
presentation available
 1:30  Cultivating a Training and Awareness Program: From Seedling to Sapling
(PDF, 2.37 MB)
 Julie Boughn,
Director, Division of Enterprise Standards Office of Information Services Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)
   2:30  Break  Federal Business Council
   2:45  Threats to the Information Infrastructure, and the FBI's Response  Shawn Henry and Lauren Schuler,
presentation available
 3:45  Security Awareness and Training: The Neglected Countermeasure
(PDF, 5.63 MB)

 Margaret K. Spanninger,
Booz·Allen Hamilton
   4:45  Adjourn  Curt Carver
   5:00  Dinner  Louis "The Cruise Director" Numkin will co-ordinate this on-your-own social activity
March 6
 8:00  Continental Breakfast  
   8:25  FISSEA Announcements  Lewis Baskerville,
Small Business Administration
   8:30  Keynote Address:
Managing 'Radically Transparent' Security Organizations: The New Language of Security Leadership
 Thornton May,
Graduate School of Management at UCLA
presentation available
 9:30  Building an IT Security Awareness and Training Program
(PDF, 25.8 KB)
 Mark Wilson,
   10:20  Break  
presentations available

 Certification - For Who and Why Robert Solomon
(PDF, 19.3 KB)

 2nd presentation Ian Strain,
(PDF, 3.26 MB)

3rd presentation Lynn McNulty,
(PDF, 1.36 MB)

4th presentation Kris Madura,
(PDF, 1.91 MB)
5th presentation William Boni and John Lainhart,
(PDF, 12.6 MB)

 Moderated by Robert F. Solomon,
Kris Madura, CompTIA
Lynn McNulty, ISC2
Ian Strain, Brainbench
William Boni, ISACA
John Lainhart, ISACA
presentation available
 11:20  Educational Opportunities for Senior IA Managers ,
(PDF, 816 KB)

 Donita McGeary,
National Defense University
 Lunch (On Your Own)  
   12:59  Prize Drawing  Dara Murray
   1:00  Style Over Substance or How to Use Bowties to Reach Your Audience - A New Approach to Teaching IT Security,
(zipped PDF, 268 KB)

 Ben Malisow,
C-CUBED Corporation
   2:00  Speak Out - Share Your Ideas  Facilitator:
Louis Numkin,
   2:30  Break
Alternative Presentations!
 2:45  What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You
 Randy Marchany,
Virginia Tech Computing Center

Alternative Presentations!

presentation available
 3:15  Communications Planning: An Integrated Approach to Program Execution and Enabling Organizational Change ,
(PDF, 4.01 MB)

 Ellen Roth,
Booz Allen Hamilton
 Specializing the NIST Security Services Model for ElectronicCommerce Systems,
(PDF, 840 KB)
 Victor Sawma and Robert Probert,
School of Information Technology and Engineering (SITE), University of Ottawa
Alternative Presentations!
 3:45  CSAT, Going Prime Time  Virginia Vitucci and Mary Ann Strawn,
Library of Congress
 Panel: Information Assurance Curriculum of the Future
 Jim Davis,
Iowa State;

Curtis Carver,
United States Military Academy
   4:45  Prize Drawing  Dara Murray
   4:50  Adjourn  Curt Carver
   5:00  First Meeting of the Newly Elected Executive Board
 Barbara Cuffie,

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