January 1, 2006

FISSEA’s 18th Annual Conference

March 22 & 23, 2005

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March 22, 2005

7:30am Registration & Continental Breakfast
8:15am Welcome & Administrative Notes
Curtis Carver and William Suchan
United States Military Academy
8:20am US NRC Welcome
Jacqueline Silber, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
8:25am NIST Welcome
Joan Hash, NIST
8:30am Keynote Presentation:
Cyber Security: An Educator's Challenge

Michael F. Brown
Federal Aviation Administration
Biography          Powerpoint Presentation (11,256 KB)
9:30am FISSEA Business Meeting
Louis Numkin, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
and FISSEA Executive Board Chairperson
Powerpoint Presentation (1,546 KB)
10:00am Break
10:30am Concurrent Sessions:
Rethinking Your Strategy for Security Training Plans
Marirose Coulson, Booz, Allen & Hamilton
Abstract          Powerpoint Presentation (1,364 KB)
A Balancing Act Between Risk Appetite and Risk Tolerance
Ezra Duong-Van, Bindview Corporation
Abstract          Powerpoint Presentation (1,757 KB)
11:10am Concurrent Sessions:
How to Use Statistics in Your Awareness Program: A Look at the CSI FBI Computer Crime Survey
Robert Richardson, Computer Security Institute (50min)
Abstract          Powerpoint Presentation (2,759 KB)
The Security Plan: Effectively Teaching How To Write One
Paul Clark, Naval Post Graduate School (25 min)
Abstract     Paper          Powerpoint Presentation (523 KB)
Writing a Security Plan
Jane Powanda, Mitretek Systems/UI Information Technology Support Center (25 min)
Abstract          Powerpoint Presentation (763 KB)
12 Noon Lunch
1:00pm Concurrent Sessions:
Cyber-Terriorism: A New Definition for a New Reality

Dan Verton, IT Security Magazine
Abstract          Powerpoint Presentation (1,513 KB)
Information Assurance Training - An Essential Part of an Effective Security Strategy
Pamela Halpern, Easy i., Inc.
Abstract          Powerpoint Presentation (3,759 KB)
2:00pm Concurring Sessions:
Panel: Where Will the Next Generation of CISOs Come From?
(50 min)
Jane Scott Norris, Department of State, Facilitator
Diana Gant, National Science Foundation
James Golden, US Postal Service
Louis Magnotti, US House of Representatives
Marc Noble, Federal Communications Commission
Abstract - Panel          Powerpoint Presentation - Panel (37 KB)
Security is Everyone's Business: Role-Based Training for the System Development Life Cycle
Margaret Spanninger, Booz, Allen & Hamilton (25 min)
Abstract          Paper          Powerpoint Presentation (278 KB)
Meeting FISMA Training Requirements Through Security Awarness and Role-Based Training: An FBI Case Study
George Soltys, Karta Technologies (25 min)
Abstract           Powerpoint Presentation (2,397 KB)
2:50pm Break
3:00pm Concurrent Sessions:
Transforming an Organization by Maintaining a Sustainable Security Awareness Training and Education (SATE) Program

Tanetta Isler, FISSEA Member
Abstract          Powerpoint Presentation (212 KB)
Spyware: Lessons Learned
Ronald Greenfield, Defense Security Cooperation Agency
3:55pm General Session: Administrative Notes
Curtis Carver, USMA
4:05pm FISSEA Executive Board Nomination Speaches
Louis Numkin, NRC, Facilitator
4:15pm How a Search Engine Can Be Used as a Reconnaissance Tool By a Potential Attacker
Anton Ljutic, Communications Security Establishment
Abstract          Powerpoint Presentation (999 KB)
4:40pm Developing and Implementing a CIRT Team
Nan Poulios, Easy i, Inc.
Abstract          Powerpoint Presentation (481 KB)
5:05pm Quality in Part-Time Technology Education
John Baker, Johns Hopkins University
Abstract          Powerpoint presentation (266 KB)
6:00pm FISSEA Dinner
Host: Louis Numkin

March 23, 2005

7:30am Registration & Continental Breakfast
8:15am Welcome & Administrative Notes
Curtis Carver and William Suchan
United States Military Academy
8:30am Keynote Presentation:
Five Ways to Determine if Your Training Program is Reality or "Fantasy

Tom Walsh, Tom Walsh Consulting
Abstract          Powerpoint Presentation in PDF (228 KB)
9:30am Speak-out Session
Facilitator: Lewis Baskerville, Small Business Administration
10:00am Break
10:30am Concurrent Sessions:
Tips and Ideas to Help Sell Your Security Program
Barbara Cuffie, Social Security Administration (Retired)
Abstract          Powerpoint Presentation (96 KB)
Why We Need Another Grace Hopper
John Ippolito, Allied Technologies
Powerpoint Presentation (457 KB)
11:10am Concurrent Sessions:
Breaking the Mold: Fieldwork Approaches Within an IA Program

Jeff Recor, Walsh College
Abstract          Powerpoint Presentation (594 KB)
Security Training and Awareness Materials: Mich's Grab Bag
Mich Kabay, Norwich University
Abstract          Powerpoint Presentation - in a zipped file (23,944 KB)
12 Noon Lunch
1:00pm Concurrent Sessions:
Running the River - Reading and Responding to End Users

K Rudolph, Native Intelligence, Inc.
CyberCEIGE: A Video Game for Information Assurance Training and Awareness
Cynthia Irvine, Naval Postgraduate School
Abstract     Paper          Powerpoint Presentation (1,595 KB)
2:00pm Concurring Sessions:
Advanced Awareness, Training, and Education (ATE) Techniques

Jim Litchko, Litchko and Associates
Powerpoint Presentation (288 KB)
Carronade: Making Training Awareness Active and Personal
Aaron Ferguson, United States Military Academy
Abstract          Powerpoint Presentation (697 KB)
2:50pm Break
3:00pm General Session:
The New NIST Security Standards and Guidelines for FISMA

Ron Ross, NIST
Abstract          Powerpoint Presentation (2,138 KB)

Closing Ceremony
Curtis Carver and William Suchan, USMA

Announcement of FISSEA Awards:

Educator of the Year for 2004
Presenter: Jeff Recor, Walsh College
Educator of the Year 2003
Educator of the Year for 2004 IS:
Dr. Gail-Joon Ahn, University of North Carolina - Charlotte
Poster, Website, and Trinket Contest
Presenter: Marvella Towns, NSA
Poster Entry Form and Winner
       (Vicky Hansen - A.G. Edwards & Sons)

Trinket Entry Form --- Trinket Winner
       (K Rudolph - Native Intelligence, Inc.)

Website Entry Form (pdf) --- Website Winner (Powerpoint Slide Show - .pps)
       (Crystal Lowe, Internal Revenue Service)


Announcement of Newly Elected Board:

LTC Curt Carver, Jr.
US Military Academy, Conference Program Director
Barbara Cuffie
SSA, Retired, Assistant Executive Board Chair
Thomas Foss
Susan Hansche
PEC Solutions/US Department of State
James Litchko
Litchko and Associates, Inc.
Gretchen Ann Morris
RSIS/NASA IT Security Awareness & Training Center
Louis Numkin
Internal Revenue Service, Executive Board Chair
K Rudolph
Native Intelligence, Inc.
Jeffrey Seeman
DoD National Security Agency
Mary Ann Strawn
Library of Congress, Publicity
LTC Will Suchan
US Military Academy, Conference Program

Mark Wilson
NIST Liaison
Peggy Himes
NIST, Executive Assistant of Board

4:20pm First Meeting of Executive Board
(open to all members)

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