January 1, 2006

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FISSEA’s 22nd Annual Conference:

"Awareness, Training and Education: The Catalyst for Organizational Change"
March 24 -- 26, 2009


Webmaster's Note: All presentations are in PDF format. If we receive any more presentations to post to this page after 4/23/09, we will list the name of presenter here. (last updated 4/24/09).


(5/13/09): Susan Farrand (Day 3, 10:30)

(4/24/09): Keren Cummins (Day 2, 4:15); John O'Leary (Day 3, 3:00); Jim Litchko and Al Payne (Day 3, 1:00)


07:45 Registration / Continental Breakfast

08:45 Opening Ceremonies w/ Color Guard
Louis Numkin
National Naval Medical Center Color Guard

09:00 FISSEA Welcome / Overview
Louis Numkin, FISSEA Conference Director
Capt Cheryl Seaman, FISSEA Program Chair
Emma Hochgesang-Noffsinger, FISSEA Executive Board Chair

09:15 NIST Welcome
Jim St. Pierre, NIST Information Technology Lab

09:30 Keynote - Building for the Future: Inspiring Culture, Collaboration and Change
COL Curtis Carver, PhD Vice Dean at USMA, West Point and American Council of Education Fellow at George Mason University

10:00 Panel 1 - CISO as Chief Trainer
Pat Howard (Moderator), CISO, Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Tim Ruland, CISO, Bureau of Census

11:00 Break – Exhibits Open

11:15 General Session - Web 2.0/Second Life
Fred Maymir-Ducharme, PhD Senior Consultant IT Architect, IBM

12:00 Lunch and Exhibits until 1:30

12:30 “Nosh with NIST” - Information Security Program Management Guidelines
Matthew Scholl, Manager, NIST Security Management and Assistance Group
Pat Toth, NIST
Rich Kissel, NIST

01:30 Strategies and Methodologies for Security and Privacy Professionals
James D Biggs, President, JD Biggs & Associates, Inc

01:30 IT Security Awareness at Public Debt
David Kurtz, Bureau of the Public Debt

02:15 Security Training for Supervisors and Managers
E. Jane Powanda, Noblis

02:15 Defensive Training for Social Engineering
Stacey Banks, Oxford Federal

02:45 Break - Exhibits

03:00 General Session - What’s New?
Susan Hansche (Moderator), Program Director, Nortel Govt Solutions/US Dept of State
Paulette Robinson, Asst Dean for Teaching, Learning, and Technology, NDU
Mike Smith, Program Manager, DHS
Dagne Fulcher, Consultant, OPM
Brenda Oldfield, Director, Cyber Education and Workforce Development, DHS
Mark Wilson, IT Security Specialist, NIST
George Bieber, Deputy, IA HR and Training, DIAP

04:30 General Session - Managing Information Assurance Training and Testing – How the DoD is Accomplishing this task
Antoinette Taylor, President and CEO JASZ Technology Inc.

05:00 Closing Remarks / Adjournment
Louis Numkin, Conference Director



07:45 Registration / Continental Breakfast

08:45 Welcome for Day Two
Louis Numkin, Conference Director
Capt Cheryl Seaman, Program Chair

09:00 Keynote - While America Slept: The Human Element of National Cyber Readiness
Dr. Vic Maconachy, PhD VP of Academic Affairs and Chief Academic Officer of Capitol College

09:45 Panel 2 - Strengthening FISMA Capabilities by Building on Successful IT Reviews: an OIG Perspective on Risk Management and Awareness thru Education
Beth Serepca, Team Lead, Office of the Inspector General, Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Andrew Patchan, AIGA, Federal Reserve Board

10:45 Break

11:00 General Presentation - 7 Minutes of Security – a demonstration
K Rudolph, Chief Inspiration Officer, Native Intelligence, Inc.

12:00 “Nosh with Neil” (FISSEA Lunch Club) Communication 101: How to Impact an Audience (bio for Dr. Grunberg)
Neil Grunberg, PhD Professor of Medical & Clinical Psychology, Professor of Neuroscience, Uniformed Services University

01:00 Designing an Awareness and Training Program Using Interactive Online and Reinforcement Tools
Lise Lapointe, Presidente, TerraNova Training of Quebec

01:00 Finally, An Online Immersive Opportunity for Teaching the OSI Model and Information Assurance
Loyce Pailen, PhD., Assoc. Provost, Office of Instructional Support and Services, UMUC
Ouanessa Boubsil, Director, Security Studies Laboratory at University of Maryland University College

02:00 Panel 3 - What Federal Consumers of Certifications Think of Them – What Value Are They?
Mark Wilson (Moderator), NIST
Terri Cinnamon, Department of Veterans Affairs
George Bieber, DoD
Carol Schmidt, NIST
Lorraine Morris, Department of State
Gretchen Morris, NASA

02:00 Role-Based Training – Information Security Toolkit for Managers
Rosa C Ayer, Department of Veterans Affairs

02:45 Break

03:00 FISSEA Business Meeting
Mark Wilson, Former FISSEA Executive Board Chair

03:30 Annual Speak Out
Capt Cheryl Seaman, Program Chair

03:45 Awareness 2.0 – Using Social Media for Security Awareness
David Lineman, President, Information Shield, Inc.

03:45 Considerations for Improved Learning
Jim Heimberg, Leverage Information Systems

04:15 General Session - How Security Changes the Behavior of Other Groups—for the Better
Keren Cummins, nCircle Network Security

04:45 Closing Remarks / Adjournment
Louis Numkin, Conference Director


07:45 Registration / Continental Breakfast

08:45 Welcome- Day 3 // Presentation of Awards Results (HTML) // EOY Presentation (HTML)
Louis Numkin and Cheryl Seaman (Conference Director and Program Chair)
Gretchen Morris (FISSEA Contest Coordinator)
David Kurtz (2007 Educator of the Year)

09:00 Keynote
Janet Barnes CIO, Office of Personnel Management

09:30 Establishing a Winning CIO/CISO Team in the Midst of a Changing Leadership Environment
Hord Tipton, Executive Director of ISC2

09:30 Self Directed Training within a Cyber World
Paul F Krasley, InfoAssurance Training and Development Management, Defense Intelligence Agency

10:15 Break

10:30 Panel 4 - Process to Program: Building Effective Training
Susan Farrand, Director, Policy, Guidance, and Planning for the U.S. Department of Energy
Meenu Gupta, Mittal Technologies

10:30 Reaching a “Really Remote” Audience
Sara Godwin, US Forestry Service Consultant from SRA International

12:00 “Nosh with NIST” (FISSEA Lunch Club) Cloud Computing
Peter Mell, NIST - Systems and Network Security

01:00 Identity Management Education for the Federal Sector
Cynthia E Irvine, Professor, Naval Postgraduate School
Valerie Linhoff, Professor, Naval Postgraduate School

01:00 Panel 5 - Improve Your ETA – Leverage C&A Results
Jim Litchko, Cyber Security Professionals
Al Payne, Theta Solutions

02:00 General Session Changes on the Horizon for Federal
Ari Schwartz, Vice President, Center for Democracy

02:00 Privacy Policy & Technology

2:45 Break

3:00 Closing Presentation - LA Traffic and Awareness: Knowledge + Malice = Chaos
John O’Leary, President, O’Leary Management Education

4:00 Closing Remarks and Adjournment
Louis Numkin, Conference Director
Cheryl Seaman, Program Chair


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