January 1, 2006


The Federal Information Systems Security Educators' Association (FISSEA), founded in 1987, is an organization run by and for federal information systems security professionals.  FISSEA assists federal agencies in meeting their computer security training responsibilities.


Elevate the general level of information systems security knowledge for the federal government and federally-related workforce.

Serve as a professional forum for the exchange of information and improvement of information systems security awareness, training and education programs throughout the federal government.

Provide for the professional development of its members.


The FISSEA organization seeks to bring together information systems security professionals.

Each year, an award is presented to a candidate selected as Educator of the Year, honoring distinguished accomplishments in information systems security training programs.

Members are encouraged to participate in the annual FISSEA conference, and to serve on the FISSEA adhoc task groups.


FISSEA Bylaws.


The FISSEA Executive Board meets monthly at NIST in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Generally, meetings are held the third Tuesday of the month and last 2-3 hours (actual time varies). The Executive Board meetings are open to the membership. For security reasons one must provide notification at least a week ahead of time by sending an email to and must receive an acknowledgement before attending.


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