1999 FISSEA Educator of the Year
Nomination Letter for Dr. Roger Quane

I nominate Roger P. Quane, Ph.D., Deputy Chief of the Training and Continuing Education Unit, National Infrastructure Protection Center/Federal Bureau of Investigation (NIPC/FBI), for FISSEA Educator of the Year.

Dr. Quane’s achievements in INFOSEC education, training, and awareness throughout the past decade have had a significant impact in the INFOSEC Community.  His most recent contributions include the design, development, and delivery of a computer security awareness presentation to over 2,400 individuals at the National Security Agency/Central Security Service (NSA/CSS).  To reach an even greater audience, Dr. Quane made a video of his presentation for use by over 2,000 additional individuals.  Dr. Quane’s presentation enabled NSA/CSS to comply with Department of Defense (DOD) Information Assurance directives.  Dr. Quane received a cash award for this important work.

In Fall 1999, Dr. Quane received the NSA Meritorious Civilian Service Award for the training efforts he accomplished at the Information Operations Technology Center (IOTC), a joint initiative of the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community.

In his current assignment at the NIPC/FBI, Dr. Quane has developed a computer investigations curriculum for FBI Computer Criminal Investigators.  This curriculum is a benchmark for state and local law enforcement personnel who conduct computer investigations.  In addition, he has developed a strategic and tactical computer investigations training plan for NIPC/FBI for FY00-FY04.  This plan incorporates related training courses from a variety of organizations into a comprehensive knowledge and skill development program.

Dr. Quane also teaches INFOSEC courses at both the NIPC/FBI and the National Cryptologic School at NSA/CSS.

He has been, and continues to be, an active member of FISSEA.  Dr. Quane has served in a leadership position as the past Chair of FISSEA (1995-1997) and as the Program Chair of FISSEA conferences (1993, 1995 and 1997).  In addition, he has given several presentations at FISSEA conferences.

Dr. Quane’s other accomplishments include the development of an Executive Computer Security Briefing Program for FISSEA and for the National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Committee (NSTISSC) Training and Education Sub-Committee, the coordination of the NIST/NSA Computer Security Tutorial Track at the 1997 National Information Systems Security Conference (NISSC), the development and delivery of presentations at the Annual NSA/CSS Computer Security Awareness Program, and the development of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Computer Security Awareness and Training Program in the early 90s.

Finally, Dr. Quane spearheaded the development of a CD-ROM on “Information Age Technology.”  Geared toward users of networks, the CD-ROM provides a basis for understanding some of the problems and challenges that exist in Computer Security.  At the 1999 FISSEA Conference, Dr. Quane discussed this initiative and its use in the classroom to teach technology to network users.

Dr. Quane’s efforts throughout the past decade demonstrate his strong and continuing commitment to INFOSEC education, training, and awareness.  He is a most worthy candidate for the prestigious FISSEA Educator of the Year Award.

Congratulations Dr. Roger Quane!

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