January 1, 2006
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Workshop Report for December 2009 Workshop

Hi FISSEA Members,

On December 2nd, we held our 12th Free FISSEA workshop and had over 70 participants (both in person and remotely via webinar) discussing what is currently available and what is needed. The workshop was/is a precursor to our March 2010 conference where we will have a track dedicated to how agencies can share information and work together to successfully implement information security role-based training. Our distance learning expert, Loyce Pailen, recorded the workshop session and has posted the archived sessions on the web. If you would like to review all or any part of our discussion, please click on the Wimba links at the bottom of this page -- link 1 is the panel presentation and link 2 is the group discussion.

Here are a few highlights from our FISSEA workshop:

The government has established a central program, Information Systems Security Line of Business (ISS LOB) Tier Two Training (T2T) to encourage agencies to share information assurance, cyber security, and information system security role-based training with each other and to share best practices. The presenters at the workshop have role-based training programs that are available.

  • Panel Presentations from the Shared Service Providers (SSP) (Session 1 Archives)
    • George Bieber, Department of Defense
    • Terri Cinnamon, Department of Veterans Affair
    • Rich Kurak, NASA
    • Dave Zwach, Department of State (*applying for SSP approval)
    • ISS LOB T2T Thoughts and Discussion Key Points (Session 2 Archives)
      • There is an interest amongst participants to share training services and products
      • More communication about what is available is needed
      • Tracking – how, when, what – this is always an issue
      • FREE – agencies want it for free or little cost – some agencies just do not have training funds
      • Identification of who needs role-based training is not consistent
      • How can we get an agreement on what are the “top 10” roles across all agencies
      • We can get to a solution that offers “baseline” training (75-80% of content that is applicable to all agencies) for some key roles and that would be helpful

If you would like more information on the FISSEA workshop feel free to send me an email:

FISSEA Workshop Archive Links:

Part 1 of the Dec. 2 FISSEA Workshop
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Name: FISSEA WORKSHOP - 12/02/2009 09:03
Room ID: lpailen01

Part 2 of the Dec. 2 FISSEA Workshop (Q -and- A)
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Name: FISSEA WORKSHOP - 12/02/2009 10:35
Room ID: lpailen01


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